Digital strategy

15th February 2016

How to plan for success with a digital strategy

Digital strategy is a plan for using digital tools, technology and process to achieve your businesses goals and objectives. A website, search marketing campaign or client extranet are all common elements included within a digital strategy.

At Kagool we work with clients to agree a digital strategy. Our team have worked with a large number of brands with different target audiences and diverse business goals. We’ve earned a great reputation for devising award winning digital strategies for clients such as Welsh Water, Saint Gobain and The Formica Group.

Every digital strategy is different. Each organisation has different goals and unique challenges. We’ve overcome a huge range of digital challenges but there are a there are a number of common steps included in successful digital strategies:

  • You need perspective. So it’s a good idea to look at the current business situation. What’s happening in your market? What are your competitors doing? Where can you find opportunities for growth or challenges? What are your businesses’ capabilities, strengths and weaknesses?
  • Set objectives to achieve. These need to be SMART and should feed into your overall business goals. We develop a digital perspective that touches on all aspects of a business such as marketing, IT, training and infrastructure. We often help to change the core process within the organisation.
  • Identify your key audience groups. Detailed customer personas start with customer needs and end with your business objectives. Detailed personas include digital habits, upstream and downstream digital experiences plus key outcomes for each digital interaction. Where are you positioning your product or service? And who to?
  • Don’t put digital activity on hold. A common mistake organisations make is putting off making digital decisions until a strategy is formed. This means losing market share and missing out on hundreds of learning opportunities every day.
  • Develop tactics to implement your strategy. What digital channels, digital tools and technologies are you going to use? What’s going to happen? When? And who is going to do what? The tactics make a difference to your external audiences whereas the strategy guides internal decision making.
  • Set up reporting, KPI’s and analytics to measure your success. What’s working? What’s not? And what can be optimised to perform better?

There are several planning models that can help you structure your digital strategy. A good place to start is the SOSTAC model. This provides a simple framework for mapping out a strategy.

4 reasons why you should adopt a digital strategy?

There are massive competitive advantages to be had by adopting the right digital strategy for your business:

  1. Don’t get left behind. A new wave of companies with digital strategy at their heart are enjoying massive success. Recent examples include Uber and Airbnb. This leaves established, traditional businesses in a challenging position. They can either adapt or die. If you don’t treat digital seriously you’ll eventually fail. Remember Blockbuster and Woolworths! Embracing digital as part of your overall business strategy can set you up to succeed handsomely.
  2. A digital marketing strategy provides many unique and cost-effective opportunities to engage, acquire, convert and retain customers. Increasing customer choice and extreme competition are challenging the very notion of customer loyalty. Customers expect to receive a stellar customer experience. If you don’t provide one they’ll move on to a competitor that does.
  3. Digital tools let you capture and analyse customer data faster and more frequently than ever before. Real-time analytics make possible smaller, precision customer engagements across multiple channels. Insight into different customer touchpoints makes it possible to adjust offers and personalise campaigns. So you can better satisfy their needs and deliver to the bottom line.
  4. Customers are increasingly digital savvy. They want to engage with brands both online and offline, when it’s convenient for them. And they expect these conversations to be seamless. Review sites and social media have given customers the perfect platform to share their opinion. They’re not afraid to voice their dissatisfaction if you don’t hit the mark. But equally get things right and your customers will be your most powerful advocates.

Why not try using a digital maturity model to measure how ingrained digital strategy is in your business?

How can Kagool help boost your digital strategy?

At Kagool, we’ll help align your digital strategy with your business goals. Before starting a project we go through a pre-build phase with your stakeholders. This covers the goals, objectives and KPIs of your business. We look at who your customers are and what you need each customer segment to be able to do. This approach makes sure the project will deliver measurable business results and a great ROI.

We’re also Sitecore experts. Sitecore is a customer experience platform designed to deliver a multi-channel digital strategy. Highly rated by Gartner, Sitecore comes with an impressive number of features out of the box. Plus it’s flexible enough to integrate with almost all third party systems or allow any bespoke development that’s needed.

Whatever your business needs, our team of talented digital strategists will find a way of using Sitecore to power your digital strategy.

Want to know more?

We’re one of the UK’s leading digital agencies and Sitecore partners. If you want to know more about our approach to Sitecore, get a free Sitecore demo or find out about Sitecore pricing, drop us a line. Or get in touch with us for more information on developing a digital strategy for your business.