Enterprise website content management system

23rd November 2015

Enterprise website content management system – What are your options?

Which is the best enterprise website content management system for you? When you’re tackling enterprise website design, the content management system (CMS) you choose plays an important role. For enterprise websites, a CMS is more than a web hosting platform. It needs to be an all singing, all dancing toolkit for building, managing and optimising your digital experience.

The 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management gives insight into the top enterprise website content management systems. Gartner places systems in one of four quadrants based on their ‘ability to execute’ and ‘completeness of vision’. We’ve looked at four systems all positioned in the ‘Leader’ quadrant:

  • Sitecore
  • Adobe
  • SDL
  • EpiServer

Your CMS has to be well suited to the needs and budget of your business. You need to judge your digital maturity and decide what level of technology you can handle. Not all CMS platforms are created equal. Some are better suited to more digitally savvy businesses or those willing to seek out an expert digital partner.

Here’s our overview of four leading systems for enterprise website content management:


Sitecore came out on top in this year’s Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management. And it’s been placed in the Leader Quadrant for the past six years. Sitecore benefits from a great relationship with Microsoft which helps to boost its usability and brand perception. Gartner bumped up Sitecore’s positioning based on the release of version 8. Since then, Sitecore 8.1 has been released and further improved many of the features which saw it ranked so highly. Marketing features like engagement analytics, a/b testing and data management capabilities have secured Sitecore a top spot.

Gartner warns that the price of Sitecore can be daunting to mid-level businesses. Previously, Sitecore pricing has been known to exclude growing businesses. But since the release of the new Sitecore licencing model, a tiered licencing has been introduced to better suit mid-level businesses.


Adobe is rated highly in both the Magic Quadrant and The Forrester Wave for Web Content Management. Adobe crept in front of Sitecore for their ability to execute in the Magic Quadrant. Its enterprise website content management capabilities are one of the richest in the market. Rated highly for internal user experience, mobile capability and analytics, Adobe looks set to stay a high ranking platform.

Be wary though, Gartner suggests that one of Adobe’s biggest failures lies in their completeness of vision. There seems to be a big gap between what you can achieve with Adobe and the implementation effort needed to actually achieve it. And out of all the platforms Adobe comes with the highest price tag.


SDL ranks in the lower end of the Leader quadrant, in comparison to Sitecore and Adobe. But it was placed above EPiServer and IBM for ability to execute. SDL was praised for its architecture which supports business with a web presence that’s multilingual, multichannel and across devices.

While SDL’s popularity is growing year on year, the platform is yet to form a meaningful partnership. This is likely what makes SDL fall behind its competitors. Partnerships assure customers of the system quality and help to extend the brand.


EPiServer has been gaining ground ever since their merger with Ektron in January of this year. With the investment, they have a fresh sense of direction and a better global presence, according to Gartner. The EPiServer Digital Experience Cloud is regarded well with enterprise customers looking to make the most of cloud solutions.

EPiServer is not highly recommended for customer service or price, especially since merging with Ektron. Their new cloud pricing seems to be higher than some competitors, getting them bumped from enterprise customers’ shortlists. Also, despite offering support for Microsoft Azure, SharePoint and Dynamics, EPiServer’s failed to build a relationship with Microsoft like their competitors.

In Summary

Why we became the UK’s leading Sitecore partner

It’s not just because Gartner said so, trust us.

At Kagool, we chose to use Sitecore to deliver enterprise website content management to our customers. We believe that it delivers the best value and technology for our enterprise level customers. And we predict that the introduction of CMS only mode in Sitecore 8.1 will see more mid-level businesses make the leap to Sitecore.

But it’s important to do your research. Don’t just latch onto the cheapest CMS platform and an inexperienced digital partner in an attempt to save money. Down the line, site rebuilds and audit costs add up. If you see your business growing, you need a CMS with the scalability to match. Investing in a capable CMS and trusty digital partner will save you future headaches and fuel your digital presence.

At Kagool, we’re all about Sitecore. We’re one of the top UK Sitecore Platinum partners. And the biggest UK partner to be exclusively Sitecore.

If you want to know more about Sitecore get our free Sitecore demo or drop us a line.