Enterprise website design – Everything you need to know

3rd November 2015

How can you get the best from your investment?

Enterprise website design is a hot topic amongst marketers of big brands. Everyone knows you need a website. But not all marketers understand why. Or what it takes to make a show-stopping website. We’ve taken a look at the finer points of enterprise website design to give marketers a nudge in the right direction.

We’re living in the age of the customer. They’ve got a world of choice and you want your website to be on top. Your website should be the centre of your digital universe, weaving your systems into neat constellations. These connections power your customer experience.

The key bits to consider with your enterprise website design are:

  • Content – what draws customers in?
  • Design – what’s the look and feel of the site?
  • Usability – how user-friendly is it?
  • Scalability – is there room to grow?

All of these elements should mould together nicely for a great customer experience.

So, where do you start? Finding the right digital partner can be tricky. If you’re wading through a pool of techy jargon and sales pitches, let us toss you a life raft. At Kagool, we make customer experience a priority. We’ve worked with enterprise level companies like FormicaSaint Gobain and Allergan to build websites that shape their customer interactions.

A big consideration in enterprise website design is choosing a CMS. Getting this decision right will give you the tools to put your business strategy in motion. We use Sitecore to build solutions for our customers. Sitecore Is recognised as a leader by Gartner in their Web Content Management Magic Quadrant 2015.

The best enterprise websites are customer-centric with a focused and consistent designfresh content and ease of use. Consideration of your different audiences and how you cater to their individual needs is vital.


Great enterprise website design starts with content. From snippets to long form text, your content delivers a taste of your brand to customers. Content that’s engaging, personal and optimised will take your web visibility up a notch. This brings in leads and drives conversion.

Be straight forward and thought-provoking in your approach. Don’t jumble your text with technical or marketing jargon. The user’s time is precious. They won’t think twice about hopping back to Google if they get bored.

A CMS like Sitecore has the right tools to let you create loads of great content. There’s no need for coding, so it’s easy for content editors to manage updates and revisions.

With the Sitecore Experience Database, your content is personalised for the individual user. If a customer has already taken advantage of your latest deal, they won’t see this call to action again. They could be offered an accessory or insurance for their product. That’s personalisation at its best.

If you’re really on top of your game, you’ll be optimising your content for search engines. SEO doesn’t have to be a mountain of hassle, Sitecore makes SEO easy. Content editors and marketers can manage metadataalt tags and canonical URLs with confidence. With the right implementation, SEO can be deployed by default.


Design is second to content in this list because it’s exactly that. Good enterprise website design should start from the inside out. And once you get to the design, it should match the style of your content. Clearuncluttered layouts are just as engaging as the content within them.

You need to consider the placement and appearance of your calls to action. They should be big enough to grab the user’s attention and make it clear what their next step should be in the site.

Sitecore’s object-based nature makes it easy to create and deploy blocks of content. So the look and feel of your site is consistent. At Kagool, our team of designers work closely with customers to give the best possible brand perception.

Simple, clean designs make for the best sites. When it comes to enterprise website design, you should be aiming for a design that fosters excellent customer experience by improving usability and natural navigation.


Ok, so you’re bursting at the seams with great content. And you’ve got an eye-catching design to wrap it all up. But can the user find their way to your blog posts? Is there a natural flow from one page to the next lead by calls to action?

Successful enterprise website design relies on a high standard of usability. In the age of the customer, you need to deliver. Giving the customer exactly what they want, fast and without hassle, will lift your customer experience.

These days, mobile is king. Make your content accessible across multiple devices to secure a wider range of users. Sitecore lets you manage your site’s appearance across devices, so nothing’s left to chance. And with Sitecore’s cross-channel automation, you’ll know that content is synchronised to give the personal touch.

 At Kagool, our projects often involve creating detailed wireframes to map out the functionality of a site before a build starts. Wireframes give developers a clear idea of the sitemap. If it’s not clear to us, it won’t be clear to the user. So we don’t give up until it’s just right.

You also should consider your site’s usability for your team. In many aspects Sitecore mirrors Microsoft, so most content editors and marketers will find it familiar to use. We encourage our customers to get their hands dirty with Sitecore. And, of course, we’re happy to help you through any rough spots.


When you’re pondering enterprise website design, you’re probably fixated on the size of your investment. A big factor in seeing a return on your investment is the scalability of your site. Does it have the capacity to grow in line with your changing business needs?

We gave British Gypsum a hand rebuilding their site. Their outdated CMS wasn’t capable of stretching to their growing content needs. Moving to Sitecore gave them the scalability they needed.

We built the White Book System Selector as a digital resource for their many thousands of products. The White Book System Selector gave their customers the power to search for desired products in a smart and refreshing way, creating lots of happy customers.

Your enterprise website design shouldn’t be a one trick pony. You need a site that will last. If you see multi-lingualglobal and campaign microsites in your company’s future, consider a CMS that can go the distance. And it doesn’t hurt to get a trusty digital partner like Kagool on your team.

Want to know more?

Kagool is one of the UK’s leading Sitecore partners. If you want to know more about how Sitecore benefits enterprise website design, we’d love to hear from you. If you’re new to sitecore we offer a free Sitecore demo.