Fairtrade nominated for Sitecore People’s Choice Award

31st October 2014

Vote for Fairtrade...

We’re delighted that our customer, Fairtrade has been nominated for the People’s Choice Award at the Sitecore Experience Awards 2014.

Over the past twenty years Fairtrade has transformed the way world trade works by helping farmers and worker communities set a fair price for their products. Forced and child labour have been reduced and millions have been able to lift themselves out of poverty.

Fairtrade’s new Sitecore website, built by Fusionworkshop and designed by Radley Yeldar, launched this summer. The website lets Fairtrade tell its unique story, better engage with followers and inspire more people to take action.

This year’s Sitecore Experience Awards take place at KOKO, Camden Town, on Thursday 4th December.

It only takes seconds to vote for Fairtrade on Sitecore’s Facebook page. Please don’t forget and vote Fairtrade…..