Fast, scalable and dynamic | five benefits of Sitecore Azure

22nd August 2018

How Sitecore Azure can benefit your business

So what is Sitecore Azure? Sitecore Azure is the ability to implement and manage the Sitecore platform across Microsoft Azure. The result is a solid, reliable cloud solution that works efficiently with your Sitecore content management system.

The benefits? Utilising the synergistic force of Sitecore Azure results in a whole host of commercial and technological business benefits, that can only be maximised when pairing the dual applications together.

If you’re thinking of deploying Sitecore Azure, and you’re wondering if you should go ahead or not, read on for our top five benefits of the cloud application.

Sitecore Azure has the ability to auto-scale for the times you need it the most

One of the many strengths of Sitecore Azure’s dynamic nature is its ability to scale out depending on the demand placed on your website.

For instance, if you know you have a busy trading period coming up, have a product launch, or are simply expecting a large influx of visitors for whatever reason, Azure can auto-scale as and when needed. In handling the extra demand in traffic, Azure will respond by adding X amount of virtual machines to your server. You can even pre-schedule aggressive auto-scaling targets for key peak times in your working week.

Boost productivity through streamlined development

Sitecore’s collaborative nature in working with Azure, actually allows it to open up and extend the Microsoft cloud application. Through the use of Visual Studio, you can unlock potential through Sitecore Azure and cut down on your development time.

One of the ways you can streamline development is by publishing to Azure only. Thanks to Sitecore Azure PaaS, you’ll only need to publish to Azure, rather than your Sitecore CMS. This cuts down on both time, effort and the amount of files needed, leaving you with more free time to focus on driving other areas of your business forward.

Gain more instant insights to your website or application through Sitecore Azure

With a cloud implementation such as Sitecore Azure in place, you’ll be able to easily find Sitecore logging and performance monitoring in the Azure portal – no more waiting around for IT to access the data and produce reports for you!

Using Application Insights, your Sitecore CMS’ health and performance can easily and be accessed straight from your browser. Discover and explore your key metrics throughout the day and always stay on top of performance with Sitecore Azure.

Cut your costs

Everyone likes to reduce spend somehow, whether it’s streamlining processes, combining applications or reducing material consumption and waste. Sitecore Azure will also help you cut costs in the workplace. It can do this in a number of ways, such as reducing hosting costs for physical servers, as well as staff overheads for the server maintenance team that is ultimately attached to it.

When you scale automatically from servers in the cloud, you’ll never need to pay extra to run or maintain something you don’t physically own.

Make the most of ‘always up, always on’ availability

Not just an effective tool for quick auto-scaling, Microsoft Azure’s excellent availability is also a massive plus point for those looking to roll out and deploy the application. Operating in an ‘always up, always on’ fashion, Azure redefines reliability through its 99.95% availability SLA, as well as its 24/7 technical support and easily accessible monitoring and insights.

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