FMCG marketing | How UK FMCG brands are performing digitally

FMCG marketing | How UK FMCG brands are performing digitally
8th April 2019

How digitally mature is UK FMCG marketing?

FMCG marketing is at a digital crossroads. Brands can’t afford to ignore it. As the wider market changes and consumer expectations evolve, brands must adjust their FMCG marketing strategy to meet demands for convenience, information and brand authenticity. We carried out some in-depth research into the top 100 UK FMCG brands to find out how they were performing digitally.

Our 2019 FMCG Digital Census has revealed which brands are leading in terms of digital marketing. The research highlights some strengths and weaknesses of the wider FMCG sector. The report uncovers some key opportunities that the top 100 UK brands are missing out on and what changes FMCG marketing should adopt to thrive in the digital landscape.

Analysing FMCG marketing performance

Using The Grocers’ Britain’s Top Brands list, our digital researchers tested, analysed and reported on the digital maturity of the top 100 UK FMCG brands. They reviewed the FMCG marketing performance across core aspects including search marketing, website speed, video marketing, social media activity and email marketing. Brands were given scores for their performance in each of the 12 aspects, which were combined to give an overall percentage which governs their rank in the Digital Maturity League Table.

The full report includes:

  • The Digital Maturity League Table
  • Detailed analysis of the core areas needed for FMCG marketing success
  • Crucial statistics and insights to highlight digital transformation
  • Guidance and recommendation for refining and implementing best practice

Ready to find out which brands came out on top?

Download the 2019 FMCG Digital Census to uncover our unique insights to FMCG marketing and how to gain competitive advantage in a growing market.

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