Fusionworkshop rebrands to Kagool

7th April 2015

We’ve a new name and a fresh look. But in truth not much else has changed. We’ve always been Kagool – we just didn’t realise it. For exactly 16 years we’ve been Fusionworkshop.  We’re good at what we do and that hasn’t changed. We’ll still make sure we understand your business, ask the right questions and give you straight answers. We’re still the Sitecore specialists you can rely on.

But as we’ve grown, perhaps come of age, we’ve been feeling our skin was not right for us; we’ve evolved!

We’re spreading our wings. We’re working with new clients, out of new offices, in new parts of the world. We’re being asked to take on even bigger and more complex projects because we’re getting it right for businesses that trust us with their digital challenges.

So welcome to Kagool – we get a real kick out of difficult challenges and finding smart, simple answers. We know tech, but we talk human. We like what we do and we think it shows.

If you enjoyed working with us in the past you’ll love working with us now.

Any questions?

  • Has your company name or registration number changed?

We remain legally as Fusion Workshop Limited, company number 03749987. Kagool is just a trading style. We are the same legal/trading entity.

  • Has ownership changed or any anyone left?

Nothing has changed. No change of ownership. No one has left. Chris continues to be captain of this very successful ship. The Board and all the people who work here are unchanged. We’re still the same Sitecore specialists you know. We are as stable and secure as ever and just as well funded. Put simply, we wanted an identity that reflects our evolution, and better allows us to stand out. That’s it. You can read about some of the big news around our new Manchester office and new Customer wins in our News and insight section.

  • How did you come up with the name and brand?

We are proud to have worked with Heavenly – a leading London based branding agency. They helped us to look at who we are and where we are going. It was all research and evidence based and we involved a number of customers, our friends at Sitecore and pretty much the entire team. We enjoyed this in depth process and are proud of what we created together. We’re incredibly excited to be able to roll this out.

  • Any other questions?

Please get in touch. Either through your usual account manager, or your favourite Board member. We love to talk and we’re proud to be Kagool.