Google Mobile Search: How to improve your results by Kagool

1st April 2015

A big change to Google algorithm is coming

As you are no doubt aware Google Mobile Search algorithms can make or break many online businesses. Major updates, like Panda and Penguin have been very positive for the consumer. The digital industry is improving search results no end through weeding out thin, spammy or unnaturally optimised sites.

These updates are changing the way digital marketers approach SEO.  You have to think about your future site development and strategy. You also need a good understanding of your back link profile, to avoid being negatively affected by an algorithm change further down the line.

Recently there has been a lot of talk in both the search and across the digital industry about Google’s announcement in February 2015 that Google mobile search results will be affected by a number of key mobile usability factors reflecting consumer’s move to mobile. Key penalties will include:

  • Text being too small
  • Links too close together
  • Not having a mobile viewport set
  • Sites which are not responsive or adaptive across devices

Google will now rank your site lower than a competitors which may meet more or all of the ranking factors.

Usage Stats For Google Mobile Search


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This update to Google mobile search means that you now not only need to be providing fresh, relevant and engaging content but also ensure your mobile users are provided with an optimal experience.

We see this as a great opportunity before the roll out on April 21st for site owners to analyse traffic data (if this has not been done already) to understand the likely impact on not only ranking but the associated traffic and conversion rates on mobile, as even today we still see businesses focused on desktop data even with the huge shift in mobile use.

In preparation of this algorithm, Google has provided a number of tools such as the Google Mobile Search Tool and insights within Google Webmaster Tools. These tools allow you to test your website to gain insight into what mobile related issues your site may have.

Google Mobile Search Next Steps

To take full advantage of the Google mobile search changes it is advisable to speak to an expert, like Kagool as soon as possible to be prepared for the changes on April 21st. Our team are experts in Sitecore SEO and are a leading digital agency with clients like Welsh Water. We work with our clients to develop 18-month plans with small improvements to be prepared for innovations in Google mobile search and minimise disruption from these regular events.

So what’s next?  Get testing, get talking, get Google mobile search optimised.