Insurance marketing | Kagool reveal the UK’s digital leaders in insurance

Insurance marketing | Kagool reveal the UK’s digital leaders in insurance
29th January 2019

How digitally mature is the UK insurance sector?

Digital disruption has turned the insurance sector on its head. New digital trends such as insurtech, blockchain and the demand for personalised user experiences are reshaping how the industry approaches insurance marketing. Traditional insurance companies cannot afford to stand still and must re-assess their digital transformation roadmap, or risk falling behind the competition.

Our 2019 insurance Digital Census has uncovered the strengths and weaknesses in insurance marketing. The report highlights what opportunities the top UK insurance companies are missing out on and how to get better results.

Measuring insurance marketing maturity

Our team of digital researchers tested and reviewed the digital maturity of the top 47 UK insurance companies. Measuring and analysing the insurance marketing performance across eight key aspects including search marketing, website speed, social media activity and email marketing. A score was allocated to each company for their performance in each of the eight aspects and combined to give an overall score which governs their rank in the Digital Maturity League Table.

The full report includes:

  • The Digital Maturity League Table
  • Detailed analysis of the eight core aspects needed for insurance marketing success
  • Essential statistics and insights to highlight digital transformation
  • Guidance and recommendation for improving and implementing best practice

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