IOSH win Sitecore Site of the Year 2013

6th December 2013

IOSH picked up the award for ‘Best Business and Professional Services’ website at the Sitecore Site of the Year awards ceremony for 2013. The awards were held at Fabric, London.

The award comes after a successful move to Sitecore by the organisation and Fusionworkshop.

IOSH is now delivering a personalised online experience to its 33 branches and 17 groups and 43,000 members. It has achieved the objective of placing IOSH members in control of their membership. For the subscription renewal process, going online is delivering significant time savings for members and has also helped free up staff to concentrate on offering more professional development advice and support to members.

The intuitive and object-based nature of Sitecore is fundamental in allowing the team to translate business objectives into actionable goals addressable via Sitecore DMS. The platform has acts as a central focal point for the many and complex stakeholder groups in the organisation. The solution supports the health and safety community around the world by sharing valuable resources for their profession. The power and structure of Sitecore plus the agile project approach has brought out the best in both organisations, IOSH and Fusionworkshop – with both teams working together to build something quite special, all based on the Sitecore platform.

Fusionworkshop Managing Director, Chris Short commented: “We’re delighted to win this award. We’ve worked with IOSH for over three years now and have helped them move from a legacy CMS to Sitecore. IOSH is strategically important for Fusionworkshop; it’s a large and forward looking membership and professional services organisation with an ambitious approach to its digital engagement that revolves around member engagement and self-service. Their online roadmap is bold and complex in areas, and without a close working relationship we wouldn’t be where we are now.

Migrating a large and complex site with so much self-service functionality, a complicated user landscape and integration into multiple business systems has been challenging. The programme of projects to migrate to Sitecore has taken over a year with number of rollouts and for some time it had to co-exist with the legacy CMS. However, now the entire online estate is 100% Sitecore.

For the first time IOSH have a powerful tool to tune the user experience, track online performance, deliver their mobile and tablet ambitions and effectively manage all their member facing channels with a single solution. IOSH’s online future is looking rather ‘healthy’ and ‘safe’ with Sitecore and Fusionworkshop.”