ISO27001 accreditation achieved

27th March 2014

Best practice in information security

Fusionworkshop has achieved the ISO27001:2005 accreditation across the entire business. Already compliant in our Managed Services offering with strategic partner Pulsant, the company has now passed direct certification with flying colours.

In particular, being ISO27001 accredited is a game-changer with our Sitecore customers in the financial services and utilities sectors, where the standard is now seen as a hygiene factor. Membership organisations, charities and other businesses handling and storing sensitive information are also well aware of the standard and the peace of mind it gives their business.

Furthermore, the accreditation will be seen as welcome news across our entire customer base. As digital continues to pervade all our lives and organisations mature digitally so their reliance on and investment in customer data will deepen. Being ISO27001:2005 accredited gives Fusionworkshop’s stakeholders peace of mind that their digital assets are in safe hands.