Kagool team in Australia deliver ‘Koalaty’ project initiation

6th November 2014

Our Sitecore team went down under

Four of the Kagool team were lucky enough to head “down under” last week for client meetings, to meet with Sitecore Australia and to meet with some other Sitecore partners in the region.

As London is typically our meeting destination of choice, there are sometimes groans from the team about an early start to get there. Oddly enough the 30+ hours of travel time and 12,000 miles across 11 time zones had a more positive response.

A trip to Australia was a first for Kagool but it reflects the wide variety of global clients we work with, and the globalisation of Sitecore’s customer base.

The focus of the trip was to discuss a number of up and coming projects with an existing client. We had exhausted calls and video conferencing and both sides recognised we needed to be on site to have a week of meetings and get a real understanding of what they want and why. The trip was a huge success and in due course there will be news items, blog content and case studies to detail the outputs of these sessions as the projects take shape.

Whilst there, I took the opportunity to meet up with some of the team from Sitecore AU and a couple of partners to get an insight into the local market place and the challenges being faced by their clients. Reassuringly there is real consistency with the UK and European market place with clients facing the same challenges around Sitecore DMS, multi-lingual, multi-channel and how they move along the customer experience maturity model. All of the work we are doing in the UK with our customer base has real merit in different regions, and it was great to share some of our experiences and learn from other partners. This is a trend we hope to continue with other partners in other regions as part of continued development.

Unfortunately we couldn’t get into the Sitecore Site of the Year awards in Melbourne, an event that was on while we were there. We are planning to not only get an invitation to next year’s awards but to be winners.

As a reward for a hard week of work we left Melbourne early on the Saturday morning and had 2 days of R&R in Sydney. What a fantastic city. We had two days of sightseeing and beaches before the long journey home to the UK winter, dark nights and a lot of hard work following the week in Melbourne.

In the coming months we have staff travelling to mainland Europe, the US, China, Australia and New Zealand.

Sitecore clients continue to demand value from their partner, they want expert advice and insight into the platform and how it can impact their business. It seems that geographic location and time zone is becoming less important than the value a great team can have on a business.

If you’d like to talk to us, irrespective of location, perhaps a call or a video conference would be a good place to start!