Legal marketing | Kagool reveal the digital effectiveness rankings for the top UK legal firms

26th September 2018

Find out which law firms are using digital the most effectively

The digital landscape is constantly evolving. As new technologies and channels emerge, law firms must adjust their marketing, or they risk falling behind the competition. Our 2018 Legal Digital Census has identified firms that excel in legal marketing and organisations that don’t. The report highlights what opportunities are being missed and suggests ways for more effective legal marketing.

Our research into legal marketing in the UK

In conversations with some of the leading UK law firms, we uncovered common digital challenges for the sector. We investigated how these could be overcome.

Our research and analysis of the top 62 UK law firms’ digital performance looks at eight key digital elements. These include digital marketing, email marketing, mobile optimisation and client engagement. In the ‘2018 Legal Digital Census’, the top firms are scored based on their performance in these areas to give them an overall percentage which determines their position in the Digital Maturity League Table.

The report includes:

  • The Digital Maturity League Table
  • Comparative analysis of the 8 core aspects required for digital success
  • Valuable insights and statistics to highlight digital transformation
  • Recommendations for improvement and implementing best practice

Let me see the report

Let’s not waste any time wondering how well each firm performed.  Download the full report now: ‘2018 Legal Digital Census: Who are the digital leaders in the legal sector?

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