Personalisation | The key to unlocking potential

Personalisation | The key to unlocking potential
7th August 2018

Find out if your organisation’s Sitecore website is ready to drive revenue through personalisation

Personalisation is a tactic used by digital marketers to display relevant content that targets website visitors based on their demographics and behaviours to improve conversions and drive revenue.

Why use personalisation?

Personalisation capabilities are vast and often the potential business opportunities that stem from this tool are incomparable. Gartner recently reported that by 2020 personalisation technology will enable businesses to increase profits by 15%. With that incentive it’s no surprise that businesses are aspiring to adopt personalisation into their digital marketing strategy.

Sitecore is the platform that will make personalisation work for your business. Sitecore personalisation can be tailored to meet any scale of requirements. Sitecore delivers personalisation based on a user’s:

  • Activity
  • Context
  • Engagement score
  • Position in the engagement lifecycle
  • Sitecore persona

It can be as simple as a welcome message that addresses the user by name. Or for more advanced personalisation, the website content and functionality can be tailored to audience segments or even individual users. We call this one-to-many and one-to-one personalisation.

Personalisation is key to building customer relationships with your brand. It empowers marketers to create a tailored user experience that builds customer loyalty and increases engagement with their organisation.

What’s needed for the personalisation journey?

Before you start any journey, you need to plan for what you may need along the way. Personalisation is no different. You will need:

  • expert technology
  • loads of useable data
  • great analytics skills

Not everyone starts from the same position. Some companies have an excellent understanding of their customers and yet are restricted by the technology or the usefulness of their data. Others have the technology in place but are overwhelmed by the data or are struggling to gain insight into their customer base.

If you are on Sitecore already, you have the technology potential to deliver amazing results from personalisation.

To realise its full potential, it’s recommended to work with a Sitecore Platinum Partner to ensure the site has been built correctly for personalisation to work properly. The risk of jumping in feet first without getting experts working on the project, usually results in frustrated marketers that aren’t seeing the benefits of personalisation and wasted budget.

Is your website ready for personalisation?

If you’re already using Sitecore and are looking to improve your revenue and user-journey then using the below checklist will help you in your move towards integrating personalisation into your strategy.

Experience Editor:  A simple health check on a Sitecore installation is making sure the experience editor is operating properly. If it’s not, then our team of Sitecore developers can make any adjustments needed.

Components: How your pages are built is indictive to personalisation success. Pages should be built from a collection of components that are separate from pages and the underlying content. This enables you to switch components and content.

xDB enabled:  xDB stores the data that powers personalisation in Sitecore. Without data your platform won’t be able to process the decision logic that changes the website based on user behaviour

Storing data: It’s important to streamline customer data storage to get a clear picture of your users. Personalisation delivers the best experience and in-turn conversion rates when there’s a clear picture of the user’s activity.

If you’re experiencing any problems with the above list, get in touch with us. We can help by conducting an audit of your implementation and provide you with solutions to overcome these areas.

Sitecore is immensely powerful and flexible, but in the hands of developers that do not know Sitecore, this can lead to it being bent out of shape and unnecessary additional cost. If you are new to Sitecore, then it should be a priority to get these aspects correct up-front.

Personalisation engagement matrix

If you are familiar with Sitecore and its analytics reporting engine you may have seen the graphs which refer to value per visit. This reflects the value to your company of an event or interaction.

We use an agreed scoring structure called an ‘engagement matrix’ to gain useful insight on how much value each website visit is generating. It gives us the foundation to start to personalise and measure the effects of our personalisation. Each engagement activity is given a score to represent valuable it is to the business. For instance, a user visit to a quote page could be given a score of 5, but a completed quote form would be given a score of 50.

We often use an engagement matrix when we work with our customers. We encourage them to define this matrix and represent it in Sitecore. It doesn’t really matter if the scoring isn’t quite right to start with. It can be refined over time. But it’s better to have something than nothing.

Where do we go from here?

If you’re already doing the above and you’re looking to achieve more advanced personalisation then get in touch, we’d love to discuss your project.

Alternatively, if you are starting out on this personalisation journey and you’re looking for an experienced digital partner to work with, contact our specialists here.

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