Personalisation with Sitecore DMS Profile Key Conditions

1st January 2012

A simple tool to enhance your Sitecore experience

The Profile Key Conditions Sitecore module adds simple personalisation features to Sitecore DMS. If you’re familiar with the Rules Engine and are looking for an easy way to exploit Sitecore’s capabilities for content personalisation, then this module is for you. It contains 3 rule conditions designed to put DMS profile key scores to good use.

By default DMS comes with only one rule condition related to profile keys, which is of the form:

where the value of [specific] profile key [compares to] [specific value]

It lets you create conditions like:

where the value of [Health & Fitness] profile key [is greater than] [50]

This is fine for creating very limited personalisation rules. But in all but the most basic of scenarios I don’t see how much value it can be. There’s only so much you can gain from considering the value of a single profile key. For example,  a score of 50 for “Health & Fitness” is of no importance if  my “Couch Potato” score is 500. I think it’s much more sensible to compare 2 profile key scores as the basis of personalisation, and that’s what the module does.

Basic Comparison – The basic comparison condition allows you to apply rules based on the way 2 profile keys compare. In the example below the personalized content will only be displayed if the ‘Building Trust’ profile key is greater than both ‘Create Desire’ and ‘Define Concept’.

Difference Comparison – This time the comparison is still between 2 different profile keys, but the condition specifies the amount by which they must differ. In the example below if the ‘Marketer’ value remains at zero, then the condition will not be true until the ‘IT Manager’ value exceeds 30.

Percentage Difference Comparison – This is similar to the difference comparison condition, but is expressed as a percentage rather than a fixed number. In the example below, the ‘Motorbike’ score must be at least 1.5 times the size of the ‘Bicycles’ score for the condition to be true.


Installation of the module is quick and simple using a standard Sitecore package which can be downloaded from the Sitecore Marketplace. If you’re not comfortable installing Sitecore packages, or don’t have access to the Installation Manager, then you should speak to your Sitecore administrator.

Because Sitecore changed the structure of the rules engine in version 7.1, there are 2 download options available. Make sure you choose the package that is correct for for your Sitecore release.

Some Extra Notes

The source code for the module is available at

Robbert Hock has written an excellent article about creating a profile key comparison condition. If you’re interested in creating one of your own, I would highly recommend reading it.

The rules-engine conditions included in the module are intended for ‘quick wins’ – getting some useful personalisation functionality out of relatively simple analytics data. If you want to take full advantage of DMS profiles and personalisation, there are a range of advanced features and approaches available. Here’s some useful articles:

  • Profiling and the power of Predictive Personalisation with Sitecore Digital Marketing System
  • Personalisation with Profiles and Pattern Cards in Sitecore DMS