Retargeting | 4 common mistakes businesses make

Retargeting | 4 common mistakes businesses make
12th July 2018

Retargeting can be a brilliant tool for digital marketers that want to see a high ROI on their campaigns. The problem is, so many businesses are getting it wrong.

Our search team have pulled together some of biggest mistakes that businesses should avoid.

1. Retargeting without segmentation

Segmenting appropriately is surprisingly something that gets overlooked time and time again by businesses. Just as data segmentation is crucial to email marketing, or in fact most campaigns, retargeting is no exception. And the failure to apply suitable segmentation can lead to disastrous results, such as seeing ROI plummet.

Our team at Kagool work with a range of organisations to help them avoid this pitfall. There’s many ways to segment depending on the aim: behaviours (pages visited etc), location or customer lifetime value (CLV).

2. Preaching to the converted

If you don’t want to risk irritating your audience, especially those who have taken the initial steps into your marketing funnel, then this section is for you. Retargeting individuals that are already customers is wasteful and potentially damaging. Keeping your campaigns up to date is key if you want a higher success rate that isn’t masked by false data. By this, I mean that if your pricing model in Google is cost per click (CPC), then existing customers clicking on your retargeting ad, would be skewing the productivity results and costing unnecessarily. Removing or excluding individuals is a quick and painless task. Do it.

3. Retargeting with relevant content

Forcing your sales agenda through retargeted content is a definite no- no. Isn’t this common sense? Yes. But surprisingly it’s also a common mistake. The crux of it is this – don’t assume that you know what your audience wants to see with retargeting.  And avoid springing brand-new products or services on them that they’ve not previously shown any interest in.

The “re” in retargeting is important. If a potential customer has been perusing a page on your website, remind them with retargeting. Treat it as though you’re helping them with a great opportunity they might have missed.

4. Retargeting, retargeting, retargeting

We have all been on the end of this at some point I’m sure. There’s nothing more chilling than when an ad pops up and seems to follow you around the internet like an unwanted stalker. A gentle reminder is fine, and effective in many cases. But not setting the frequency of your retargeting leaves your business looking rather desperate and more importantly can have the opposite desired effect and put customers off your business.

Main points to remember

  1. Segmentation is key
  2. Update campaigns regularly to avoid duplicating with existing customers
  3. Relevant content to remind
  4. Apply frequency caps to avoid being perceived as a nuisance

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