SEO for construction companies – How to build an engaged audience

SEO for construction companies – How to build an engaged audience
16th December 2019

Search engine optimisation is a powerful tactic for any marketer to have in their toolbox. Find out how SEO for construction companies can grow audiences and boost conversions.

Is SEO for construction companies important?

Getting to the top positions in Google’s SERPs should be a priority for any marketer. 94% of all organic traffic is reported to come via Google, whilst the search engine receives over 228 million searches per hour. That’s a sizeable audience for construction firms to be reaching with their brand. The first organic listing on desktop receives nearly 20% of all clicks, whilst the first organic result on mobile receives 27.7% of clicks. If delivered correctly, SEO for construction companies could easily help an organisation to dominate Google SERPs and grow their audience.

Google continues to evolve and update its algorithms that dictate how digital marketing teams approach SEO and digital strategy. This can make it a challenging task for businesses that don’t have dedicated specialists available to ensure their content and digital output is set up to get the best results. Fortunately, there are some aspects to SEO for construction companies that remain consistent and that aren’t too difficult. Apply these five simple steps to your digital marketing strategy to avoid missing out on high volumes of valuable organic traffic.

1. Find out what your audience is already searching for

Sounds almost too easy doesn’t it? But it’s pretty simple – if not a little time consuming. Why waste valuable time and money trying to come up with ideas to attract traffic to your website and gain online visibility, when this approach can tell you what your target market already want to know?

At a basic level, Google has a suite of free tools available to help marketers carry out keyword research and some analysis around trending topics. For digital marketers that are better acquainted with search marketing and have the budget to invest in subscription tools, there’s some great ones available that go into a lot more granular detail. Understandably, most companies don’t have the internal resource to focus on SEO and so partnering with a digital marketing agency, like Kagool can help your organisation achieve great results, faster.

Having previously delivered SEO for construction companies, our clients benefit from our advanced keyword research, in-depth analysis of competitors, customer behaviour and the wider market to identify search terms that will best generate conversions.

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2. Remember Local SEO

Globally, nearly half (46%) of the 3.5 billion daily Google searches are reported to be local searches. But if this doesn’t convince you that local SEO for construction companies shouldn’t be ignored, then maybe the fact that 76% of local searches result in consumers picking up the phone to give the business a call. In addition to this, 18% of local mobile searches generate a sales conversion within 24 hours. Impressive huh?

The key point here for construction companies is that, it makes sense to make your business, products, services and contact information easily accessible to your audience. Besides, they’re already looking for you, and quite likely within a local proximity. So why not make it easier for them to become a customer? By creating and optimising content that provides the information that they’re searching for – your company will dominate Google’s search results. Conveniently, stepping your brand ahead of your competitors that have overlooked the power of local SEO for construction companies.

National and global enterprises can adopt local SEO into their digital marketing strategy to leverage online visibility and engage an existing audience that’s already looking for them locally.

3. Hello Google (urls, H1, relevant content)

Why Google? Google has the lion’s share of the market, at 94%, leaving other search engines like Bing as less of a priority – although its important to note that this certainly doesn’t mean smaller search engines should be ignored. It just means, Google write the rules and if your business wants to get noticed by billions of potential customers, then you’re best to follow their guidelines for SEO for construction companies.

There are several ways that organisations can win the battle for that number one spot on Google SERPs.

4. Build your organisation’s online profile with backlinks

Imagine your business gained a recommendation from a trusted name in your industry, automatically your brand is regarded as a credible organisation by association. This is how Google regards backlinks from authoritative websites. Earning these links signals to Google that your site’s content is valuable to their users and therefore will be ranked highly. SEO for construction companies would benefit from building links across reputable news sources, like leading UK construction magazine ‘Building’. The higher volume of relevant, quality websites that link to your site, the more likely you are to get your brand in front of your target audience.

5. Build a website that loads quickly on any device

Google uses your loading speed to rank your website in its search results. It’s not a huge factor of SEO for construction companies but a poor speed can impact performance.

Customers are often described as impatient when it comes to waiting for websites to load. But they have a point, slow websites are annoying. Conversion are reported to drop by 7% from just one second additional delay. It’s understandable that visitors quickly leave and choose a competitor with a faster website that’s accessible on whichever device they’re using. It’s a better user experience – simple.

By 2020, its predicted that over 2.87 billion people will be using smartphones. 57% of consumers stated that they wouldn’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile website.  Organisations that ignore the importance of providing a fast loading time and a seamless experience across all devices risk falling behind.

How to achieve great SEO for construction companies

Our team of search marketers can help to create and implement SEO marketing strategy to your organisation’s overall marketing strategy. Contact us to speak to one of our Google certified and Sitecore SEO experts today, to find out how partnering with Kagool can help your business achieve its digital goals.