Sitecore Audit: Welsh Water Case Study

2nd February 2015

Learn why Welsh Water recommend a Sitecore Audit

Do you wonder that your Sitecore site isn’t doing everything you thought it would?

Does your current Sitecore Partner Agency blame Sitecore for your struggle?

When Dwr Cymru/Welsh Water chose Kagool as their new Sitecore partner agency, they needed to know what shape everything was in within Sitecore site, so that they could clarify their digital road-map.

We asked the right questions and gave them straight answers. We devised a programme of recommendations so they could get back on track. We listened and set out how we would make it easier for them.

Like Rhian Morris of Welsh Water did, why not talk to us….we’ve done 15+ Sitecore Audits and we love finding smart new solutions for you.


I’m Rhian Morris.  I’m the digital services manager for Dwr Cymru Welsh Water.

Our audit and recommendation process, that started after we went out through OJO to find a digital services partner.  We were currently using Sitecore.  Kagool were successful and were awarded a 3 year contract and it seemed really sensible that the audit and recommendations was a really, really good place to start.  We needed to know what shape everything was within Sitecore and also it gave us an opportunity to voice openly and honestly what we thought of Sitecore as a product.  The team were all given an opportunity to tell it warts and all, what they liked, what they didn’t like, the frustration.

The audit was very straightforward.  It was a case of scheduling some key time with Kagool for all members of the digital services team.  Also Kagool went away to have a look in detail of what state we were in with Sitecore.  From that we had a programme of recommendations that was split into easy, quick wins, sort of more medium time and long time.  They very much heard what our frustrations were, what we didn’t like.  So the recommendations were based on how they would make it easy for us and how they would simplify some of the information and the processes within Sitecore for us, that we’re using it, so we’re following best practice but we’re using the full potential.

From the recommendation process, it was very clear that there were a number of things that we needed to do, so that we could achieve what we were putting on our road map, what we were trying to achieve as part of our strategy.  Those recommendations were built into projects, so we carried out some quick fixes.  We carried out some medium term fixes.  The longer term fixes, what we did was we added all those recommendations as part of the Sitecore upgrade project, so once the upgrade is complete, all recommendations are also complete.

I would recommend any organisation working with Kagool to have an audit.  It gives an opportunity for the people who use Sitecore to talk about what they like, what they don’t like, what their frustrations are and what else they actually want out of it.  Also I think it’s that level playing field of knowing you’re starting a new relationship with a new organisation and what state are we in, whether it’s good, bad or indifferent, but it allows you to set a path of change and also it allows, with conversation, them to understand where you want to go to as an organisation and some of those steps may be making changes and those changes that will give you benefit for the future.