Sitecore Certification | Why it’s crucial for customers, agencies and professionals

Sitecore Certification | Why it’s crucial for customers, agencies and professionals
29th August 2018

Sitecore certification benefits customers, agencies and individuals. Here’s what is gained from having a certified team of Sitecore practitioners

As a Sitecore Platinum Partner, we see it as being imperative to our business that all of our developers gain a Sitecore certification. But how does achieving a Sitecore certification benefit our teams and why should these accreditations mean anything to our customers?

Why should customers care about Sitecore certifications?

Appointing a new digital agency can be a lengthy process that requires a lot of research process for customers. For customers that have already chosen Sitecore, but are looking to harness its full potential, Sitecore certifications for developers and Sitecore Partner status for agencies are two key things to look for when appointing a partner.

These accolades, plus Sitecore MVP status, provide reassurance to customers that their digital projects are in safe hands.

Customers benefit from working with an agency that has a fully qualified development team. They can feel confident that their roadmap can be achieved and be advised based on the experience and knowledge of the certified Sitecore developers.

With certifications comes a level of responsibility too and so we use our knowledge to best serve our customers. This can sometimes mean being realistic and upfront about what solutions are possible and managing expectations. The benefit of all our team having a dev Sitecore certification and a wealth of experience, means we’re able to do this across the whole team.

Sitecore certification benefits for developers

There are several courses and Sitecore training programs available, not just for developers, but also for marketers and any other users of the platform. At Kagool we put all new team members through Sitecore certification. This provides them with an insight into what it offers and to equip our teams with the best, up to date knowledge that can benefit our customers.

The Sitecore CMS’s offering is vast, that’s without the additional available modules, which can make it challenging for even the most advanced developers to know fully. Gaining Sitecore certification gives you access to a wealth of information on the Sitecore developer portal. This includes downloads and documentation packed with technical insight that are proven to be a valuable resource when architecting Sitecore in different scales of environments.

In addition to all the Sitecore portal resources, you also gain access to Sitecore support where tickets can be raised to receive their assistance with any problems you are facing.

Sitecore certification community

Having a Sitecore certification also opens the door to get more involved with the large developer community. There are monthly “Sitecore user groups” that are typically sponsored by one of the partner agencies. Refreshments are provided whilst speakers deliver presentations about their recent findings from their own research and development or projects that they have worked on.

In addition, each year Sitecore put on a conference which runs over a few days called, Sitecore Symposium. This is one of the biggest events of the year for Sitecore specialists and often attracts some of the biggest talent in the Sitecore arena. The event targets developers, marketers and wider business users. Each year it’s hosted in a different prestigious location, Sitecore Symposium 2018 is being held in Orlando with celebrity keynote speaker Will Smith.

Finally, the Sitecore community is very much a collaborative community with a lot of blog posts and questions being posted on Sitecore forums such as StackOverflow, not to mention Sitecore’s own developer forum where there’s a hive of activity.


What a Sitecore certification can bring to an individual, customer, agency or community is limitless. On a small scale, the certification can be that extra level of expertise that’ll help to do a job better. It could also be a stepping stone into pushing a practitioner’s dev Sitecore skills to new limits where they can innovate, deliver and share knowledge with a whole community on a global scale.

We are always keen to hear from talented .NET developers that are looking for a new exciting challenge. Check out our current opportunities on our careers page if you’d like to join a wide team of certified Sitecore developers and Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs).