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25th September 2015

How Sitecore CMS can help you win the content marketing battle

Sitecore CMS provides a ton of helpful features and an easy-to-use interface that can help you to achieve your content marketing goals.

Great content marketing enables customers to spend more time with your brand. This generates customer engagement and has direct commercial benefits.For B2B companies, creating content that’s interesting and relevant can improve lead generation. Consumer Brands can collect valuable customer data whilst delighting audiences with original and entertaining content.

Sitecore is more than a CMS platform. It is constantly developing and has evolved into a fully featured customer experience platform. Sitecore CMS has some nifty content management functionality. Here are seven of our favourite Sitecore CMS features:

1.    Intuitive interface

The Sitecore CMS user interface is similar to those used in Microsoft products. It’s simple and intuitive for marketers and content editors to get started. You won’t waste time scrambling to get to grips with the interface. Which means more time spent creating and managing great content. What’s more the Sitecore 8 release has an improved interface. Sitecore has never looked so beautiful.

2.    No coding needed

You don’t need to call in the techies every time you want to manage content. Sitecore CMS gives you a flexible page editor. As a marketer, you have the freedom to add content and edit layouts within your page templates. You can set publishing dates, add metadata and video. You can easily manage SEO features, such as the Canonical URL. Blogs, articles, infographics, whitepapers, downloads and other content can be created and published in next to no time.

3.    Great looking content no matter the device

With mobile views increasing your content marketing plans are toast if people can’t see your site on the run. Sitecore presentation templates make sure your content looks great on any device. You choose the content you present to different devices and Sitecore automatically resizes it. Your content’s always accessible and sure to get more engagement.

4.    A single media library

With Sitecore CMS you can store all your documents, PDFs, images and videos in one place for use across your site. You can easily add alt and metadata tags for compliance and SEO. Sitecore helps you add key digital assets to your marketing content, rather than making it an afterthought.

5.    Easily create forms

Sitecore Web Forms for Marketers makes it a breeze to create, edit and manage ‘contact us’ forms and asset downloads. Great for lead generation and increasing engagement with your content. What’s more personalise and optimise these forms for maximum content marketing impact.

6.    Comfortably manage multiple sites from one place

Control multi-lingual versions of your site, campaign microsites and multiple brand sites from the Sitecore CMS. Plus seamlessly connect with software like Lionbridge for automated translations. You’ll reach a larger content marketing audience with minimal effort. And guarantee them a consistent experience across all your sites.

7.    Personalised content delivered in real time

Sitecore can present the most relevant content to each visitor in real time. Text, media, forms and promotions can all be personalised based on rules, a customer’s device or location. Giving visitors the right content at the right time adds a personal touch vital for great content marketing.

Kagool is one of the UK’s leading Sitecore partners. We only do Sitecore – that’s what makes us experts. To find out more on Sitecore CMS get in touch with us. And if you’re new to Sitecore we’re happy to offer a free Sitecore demo.