Sitecore conference: The view from a Sitecore Symposium veteran

13th September 2016

What to expect at this year's global Sitecore conference

The global Sitecore conference, Symposium, is being held in New Orleans. It’s an opportunity for Sitecore to set the agenda for the next 12 months and have a fantastic party.

I’ve been working at Kagool for over five years. But I’ve been working with Sitecore for almost a decade now. During that time, Sitecore has evolved and grown to be the marketing leading customer experience platform it is today.

The key audience has changed from IT to marketing. And the depth of conversation has developed at a remarkable pace. But one thing has remained consistent throughout my decade of Sitecore, their culture and unique vendor personality.

 “This isn’t my first rodeo”

The 2016 Sitecore Symposium will be my fourth. They’ve grown in size and quality as Sitecore have developed into a global business.

The first Sitecore conference I went to was in London. It was mainly a British and Dutch gathering. My main memory is a party in the top of London’s Tower Bridge. The iconic building made for an incredible venue, but was deafening with a band playing inside one of the “tubes” at the top.

The second, in Amsterdam and third in Barcelona, were truly European affairs. Not only was the content fantastic, but the venues were perfect for the exhibition and evening entertainment.

Each of the Symposiums has resulted in Kagool being better positioned to advise and guide our clients on how to leverage their investment in Sitecore more effectively.

Exciting times for Kagool

This will be my first trip to New Orleans and it comes at such an exciting time for Kagool. After becoming a Sitecore Platinum partner in August, as well as a Coveo partner, this is our first opportunity to meet our global peers.

We all have full agendas for the trip and certain sessions have caught my eye. Kagool’s three Sitecore MVP’s are attending the MVP summit on Monday and Tuesday as well as the Symposium. While they will be focusing on the technical tracks Chris Short, the Kagool CEO, and myself will be attending the business tracks.

I have no doubt that the networking time will be as valuable as the formal sessions. There is no better way to learn about Sitecore than to speak to other partners and clients about their experiences. And at a global event the benefits can only be magnified.

We’ll all be posting on twitter whilst at the event, and might even manage a blog or two. Whatever else happens, we’ll be owning the experience in our own Kagool way. Expect pictures of food, bars and a whole lot of interesting insights.

You can also check out the Kagool preview of Sitecore Symposium 2016.

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