Sitecore Content Hub

Sitecore Content Hub
16th March 2020

Sitecore Content Hub gives marketing teams a 360-degree view of the content landscape and is pivotal in helping businesses achieve their digital goals.

Marketing campaigns can be time consuming and complex. Marketing teams must carefully manage their time and budgets throughout long campaign lifecycles, whilst keeping a close eye on analysing and optimising their marketing activity to deliver the valuable results. But how can streamlining integrated campaigns with detailed reporting be achieved effectively and efficiently across an organisation?

What is Sitecore Content Hub?

Sitecore Content Hub is a powerful marketing suite that gives marketers the ability to manage content, media assets, data and management rights. Content Hub seamlessly integrates

  • Sitecore DAM (digital asset management)
  • Digital rights management (DRM)
  • Product information management (PIM)
  • Marketing resource management (MRM)

into one single platform, addressing the challenges a marketing team faces with their campaigns, planning, reporting, budgeting and Sitecore optimisation.

Sitecore’s definition of a content hub clearly outlines the platform’s vision for digital marketing and content.

“A content hub acts as home base for all your disparate content, as well as a platform that helps streamline, speed up, and simplify every part of a marketer’s job — all in one solution. It offers a clear view and intuitive, collaborative features that keep the complexity low and the added value high.”

It’s not uncommon for assets across a business to live in multiple locations, in multiple systems, across multiple departments. Businesses are often lacking a clear direction on how to streamline those assets, which ultimately reduces the overhead of managing them, not to mention ensuring a single point of truth for all assets. Sitecore Content Hub takes the headache out of asset management.

Sitecore Content Hub and Digital asset management (DAM)

Sitecore DAM provides marketers with the ability to store marketing assets such as videos, images, documents etc, directly within Sitecore. This provides a consistency in how assets are stored and tagged with relevant meta data. It ensures the quality of assets are adhered to and results in maintaining brand consistency.

In addition to the benefits of the storage and management of assets, this lends itself to another benefit, the searching of assets.

Sitecore Content Hub and Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Digital Rights Management is about the access control of assets in a system to ensure they are used for their intended purposes. Essentially, what would happen is an asset would be set to a relevant access level, e.g. “restricted”. Depending on the level of access applied to the asset, there is functionality available to manage that asset and stop it from being downloaded, embellish it with a watermark etc.

Ultimately DRM within Sitecore is an automated way to manage these control schemes to ensure copyrighted material is dealt with in the correct way by a set of rules that are ultimately managed by an administrator.

The key is that DRM is integrated into DAM, which historically, within technology, these two systems stood alone.

The management of these assets through DAM, utilising DRM schemes within Sitecore also allows you to ensure your websites search functionality is able to abide by those rules, ensuring only applicable assets and returned within search functions.

Sitecore Product Information Management (PIM)

PIM is all about storing information against a product within the platform. So, you could relate this to ecommerce websites that have a product catalogue, but also share the same content across print or any other system that uses product information.

PIM within Sitecore Content Hub provides organisations with the ability to trace where an asset is used across an application or system. It allows for information to evolve and constantly be embellished with new marketing content, providing a Single Point of Truth (SPOT).

It also allows marketers to integrate third-party systems that may already contain a lot of the product data, with marketing content within Sitecore.

Managing your product content in the right way, integrating data from the right systems to embellish your marketing data allows you to have that SPOT, but to publish to omni-channel at ease.

Marketing Resource Management (MRM) within Content Hub

Without MRM tools, it makes it very difficult for a marketing team to manage the process of creating new marketing campaigns and projects. MRM tools specifically provide a team with the ability to help:

  • Plan
  • Budget
  • Manage
  • Develop content
  • Distribute assets
  • Collaborate

The integrated features Sitecore Content Hub provides help businesses tackle all of the above on any scale. Equally, by being able to tailor different features for different team members, for a variety of roles, ensures that aligning your team’s processes comes with as minimal challenges possible.

In addition to this, Content Hub’s built-in project management tools make it simple for the wider team to report on progress and view that progress through Sitecore MRM Dashboards.

How can your organisation benefit from Sitecore Content Hub?

Any enterprise level business that has a busy and ambitious marketing team could benefit from a fully featured system like Content Hub. If your organisation prioritises their content marketing strategy and is looking for sophisticated tools that can truly transform how campaigns are created, optimised, delivered and monitored – this is worth your attention.

If your marketing team is ready to harness Content Hub’s capability to have a single point of truth for content, product information and effective application of workflows and roles, get in touch – we’d love to chat to you about Sitecore.

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