Sitecore demo

Sitecore demo
17th July 2018

Want to see what Sitecore can do for your organisation? Arrange a demo today with us to see all new features and tools

To appreciate the features and functionality offered by the world’s leading digital platform take a Sitecore Demo. The latest offering, Sitecore 9, includes a set of tools to make sure your organisation gets the best possible returns from all aspects of digital marketing.

You can manage multiple websites, social media campaignsemail marketing, Sitecore analytics and personalisation through one easy to use console. The Sitecore demo will guide you through these different options. This will help you make a quick evaluation of the platform’s suitability for your business.

The benefits of a Sitecore demo

Sitecore is ideal for mid tier or enterprise scale businesses with the following attributes:

  • Multiple locations / territories, brands or multi-lingual requirements
  • Investments in other software solutions (e.g. CRM, ERP, PIM etc.)
  • Strong compliance or security considerations
  • A segmented customer base or you offer a number of different products or services
  • Aspirations to be a digital market leader

Sitecore was rated as a leading web content management system for the ninth consecutive year in the Gartner Magic Quadrant 2018. The release of Sitecore 9 raised the bar even further, adding advanced machine learning with Sitecore Cortex and other significant platform and performance enhancements.

With Sitecore 9, marketers can collect all customer interactions in one place – The Sitecore Experience Database. Data collected from all your other customer-facing platforms such as CRM, non-Sitecore websites and customer service team are stored here to give you a true ‘single view’ of your engagement with individual customers.

Sitecore demo features and functionality

Sitecore 9 includes automated testing and optimisation. The platform recommends content, segments audiences and highlights paths to conversion. Best of all it automatically writes rules to optimise these. All you need to do is review the options and choose which to use.

Sitecore will flag the web pages, social media posts, digital assets or email campaigns that are most effective at moving customers along your sales funnel. The Sitecore demo will change the way you view your Sitecore portfolio.

Sitecore has retained the many benefits that helped it become the number one customer experience platform, which include:

  • Integration – Excellent integration with other third party software solutions through its native API
  • Scalability – Great Scalability for rolling out sites to multiple regions and in different languages
  • Ease of Use – It’s easy to create, manage and control content through the object based content management system
  • Value – Sitecore pricing makes it affordable for mid-tier as well as larger organisations

As you’ll see in the Sitecore demo there’s an improved user interface that’s incredibly intuitive to use.

About the Sitecore demo

Kagool is one of the UK’s leading Sitecore Platinum Partners, with a large number of Sitecore Case Studies. Compared to our Sitecore competitors, we’re the only partner who focuses solely on Sitecore. So our team knows the platform intimately. One of our Sitecore qualified professionals can spend between 15 minutes and an hour expertly guiding you through all aspects of the platform.

Contact us now to book a Sitecore demo before your Sitecore competitors do or fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch shortly.