Sitecore digital marketing

Sitecore digital marketing
4th June 2020

Take a closer look at three invaluable Sitecore digital marketing features that can help enterprises turbo their results and boost ROI

Sitecore digital marketing introduced three compelling features in Sitecore 8 and 8.1:

Each of these Sitecore digital marketing features are unique. When used together they help enterprise level businesses to drive increased value for their customer experience. With the right tools, even global businesses can give customers the personal touch. Implementing personalisation with Sitecore helps boost ROI and create a sophisticated digital experience that sets organisations apart from their competitors.

Uncover how each of these tools can benefit your organisation.

Sitecore Experience Explorer

Sitecore digital marketing harnesses the Experience Explorer tool. Marketers use this to set persona traits, such as device used, location or goals which allows them to journey through their site as any type of persona. This gives businesses valuable insight on how to best tailor their marketing activity to deliver great user experiences and generate meaningful results. Organisations that have multiple active Sitecore digital marketing campaigns can leverage this capability to create more engaging experiences for their users. Building customer loyalty through sophisticated, personalised experiences.

One way to use the experience explorer for Sitecore digital marketing is to view your site through the eyes of a user arriving from a link within an email campaign. Then verify that the personalisation configured for each component is displaying accurate content configured specifically for that visitor. Verifying the personalisation rules creates the overall envisioned experience for that type of user.

This means the user’s directed towards content similar to the kind that drove them to the site. So, a campaign promoting your latest product will lead to content and calls to action that do the same.

Benefits to marketers

  • Test out personalisation rules against various personas
  • Test out campaigns for various personas
  • Test goals and ensure pages are set up to be effective
  • All of the above will go towards increasing conversations and generating better results from your marketing efforts.

The Experience Explorer is a powerful tool to test and confirm personalisation strategies. By viewing your site as a visitor, you see first-hand a genuine experience from the visitor’s perspective. It’s one of the most helpful Sitecore digital marketing features, because it lets organisations verify the profiling strategy they have designed. So, when it comes to personalisation, all can be tested before sharing with public.

Sitecore Path Analyser

The Path Analyser tool is one that comes into play after your site has gone live, after visitor data has been collected. It helps businesses fine-tune their user experience and increase conversions. This tool is useful to marketers to visually see and verify what was originally just theories, used to structure and design persona engagement. During the development process, marketers put together customer journeys that are mapped to their known personas. A website is created, and published, and can start collecting data that reflects the real-life experience from visitors.

This module within Sitecore shows the various click paths that visitors take, where the journeys reach dead ends, which pages visitors spend the most time. The analytics that come from this tool allow for adjustments to be made, weak points in various journeys to be identified, and overall inform marketers where it would be best to make a strategic pivot with website design.

As an example, after a website has been released, the marketer can navigate to the Path Analyser tool to drill down into the part of the website where visitors were expected to educate and inform. Instead the customer support team has been flooded with requests on information. Marketers can look at the visitor paths to find out where visitors are actually spending their time and focus on featuring the educational content more prominently to encourage visitors to spend more time there before contacting support.

To further emphasise the benefits of Path Analyser, marketers can and should use the tool to identify which areas of websites that were originally expected to convert but, do not perform as well. Another aspect of this Sitecore digital marketing tool, is that it will track different personas and the individual and unique ways. It highlights how they are engaging with the website, measure the experience of a first-time visitor or a returning customer, etc. Learning how different visitors use their website gives organisations the power to generate relevant, authentic experiences that gets them closer to their audience and understanding their needs.

Benefits to marketers

There are two major benefits:

  • Find out what’s working (and do more of it)
  • Find out what’s not working (and optimise it, fix it, test it with Sitecore Analytics, etc.)

Path Analyser shows marketers which paths have the most traffic and engagement. It also helps you measure conversion patterns for each engagement and optimise on those engagements that could do better. Overall a handy tool to have at your disposal.

Sitecore Federated Experience Manager

Sitecore’s Federated Experience Manager is essential to big companies with numerous brand websites not housed in Sitecore. Whether your other sites are built on Sitecore or not. The Federated Experience Manager brings together all of your analytics around various content, media, customer data and analytics. If your company goes through a merger and takes on new brands, you’ll want to view analytics from a central platform, with minimal effort. From a stakeholder’s point of view, this saves time and money. But you may not have the time (or money) to get these new sites implemented in Sitecore right away.

With the Federated Experience Manager, you can implement personalisation, track user interactions, analyse and store data from Sitecore and non-Sitecore sites. This means you can personalise content, gather analytics and engage in marketing automation, just as you would on your Sitecore website.

Benefits to marketers

  • Personalise non-Sitecore based pages to have consistent customer experiences
  • Pull analytic data across all your brand sites for thorough visitor tracking detail
  • Keep a single customer view
  • Reduce labour costs for marketing team

The Federated Experience Manager is especially beneficial for companies moving to Sitecore. If you’re an enterprise level organisation, the move could take a while. But as soon as one Sitecore site is up and running, by simply adding some code to your non-Sitecore pages, you can begin your Sitecore analytics journey and beginning the first steps to optimising your website.

Improve your organisation’s digital strategy with Sitecore digital marketing features

Our team of digital marketing experts are also seasoned Sitecore specialists. We keep an eye on the latest and greatest Sitecore digital marketing features and their benefits. This is the kind of know-how we pass on to our customers to ensure they get the most out of their investment in Sitecore. We can help you create a winning digital strategy that will transform your business for better.

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