Sitecore DMS Infographic

28th March 2014

One for the digital marketers.

Over the last year we’ve carried out a lot of work with Sitecore DMS (Digital Marketing System) for our customers. The market’s appetite for DMS has been insatiable and there’s no sign of this tailing off. It clearly gets digital marketers energised – but they often need support in building a business case for senior sponsorship to justify the investment and expected return. And expectations can be very high following an impressive demo showcasing dynamic personalisation and marketing automation.

Through stakeholder interviews and workshops we work with existing company strategy and translate that into actionable steps that form part of an ongoing content strategy. As we work only with Sitecore, the whole team have had the opportunity to explore the potential of DMS from many angles.

Our developers have written lots of blog posts on Sitecore DMS this year already. They can be a bit too technical for digital marketers like myself though. So we wanted to produce something a bit less technical that would get across some of the concepts we use when exploring digital ambitions with customers. And what better than an infographic.

One of the key benefits of a successful DMS implementation is the having the ability to speak to your target audience with targeted, personalised content. Our infographic references some excellent research on Personalisation from Econsultancy showing that the market realises the potential but can struggle to put it into action.

Normally when we are on-boarding an existing Sitecore user, some re-factoring is required before DMS can be switched on. This is from both a technical point of view and digital strategy – the two are interlinked. For example, if Sitecore Page Editor is not working properly then this is normally a symptom of a less than optimal implementation.

We have also observed that best practice in working with Sitecore CMS can actually act as a positive feedback loop for the organisation. By that we mean that the very discipline of IA and content governance can help to break down silos and tease out challenges and clarifications in strategy.

There may be pains along the way, but resilient organisations come through the process stronger and more equipped for the digital world. So the digital marketing system can be seen as a disruptive technology and a catalyst for organisational change – but that’s another story… So in a way, the journey can be as important as the result.

From our perspective, a high performing DMS strategy taking in analytics, personalisation, email is the holy grail of marketing automation. There are other strong contenders for the marketing automation crown, but Sitecore stands out as having a unified offering. Gartner seem to agree in the most recent CMS Magic Quadrant: “Sitecore has progressed from focusing solely on WCM… particularly in the area of digital marketing…Sitecore is a good fit for companies with digital marketing priorities…” There is no escaping that there can be complexity in configuring Sitecore DMS, but with a clear strategy and serious intent, it can do a lot of the heavy lifting for digitally maturing companies.

And this infographic is our way of showing how this is about far more than content management, though we’re not saying that you can take this piece of graphical content and be up and running. We’ve even arrived at some new concepts along the way, such as ‘the currency of engagement’ – the interplay between the organisation’s value proposition and the empowered end user investing their social media clout, personal data and hard cash. So go ahead and print off our infographic and pin it on the wall.

And if you have questions or feedback, I’m sure you’ll get in touch with our DMS experts. And we’re not the only ones to use infographics to illustrate digital journeys, as these fairy tale themes for Digital Trendspot 2014 show.