Sitecore ecommerce

20th August 2015

What’s the best Sitecore ecommerce option for you?

Are you pure play ecommerce, bricks and clicks or a true omnichannel business? Whichever, there’s a range of Sitecore ecommerce options open to you.

Smart businesses know it’s not all about individual sales. They’re using digital to give customers a joined up experience across the whole brand journey. From awareness to advocacy. This raises the lifetime value of customers. It builds brand champions. It’s this holy grail that has shaped Sitecore’s customer experience platform.

Adding an ecommerce solution will integrate with Sitecore’s features. Making the most of easy to use content management, powerful marketing automation, email, social media, experience optimisation and analytics. Importantly it gives you a powerful set of tools to target customers in real time. And personalising their experience based on:

  • Geo-location targeting. Deliver local store information and offers to your customers’ mobiles based on where they are.
  • A seamless shopping experience when customers move from device to device. Typically Mobile to desktop.
  • Content delivered in real time, as visitors browse your products. Personalise their journey with timely, relevant and helpful content.

Sitecore 8 added the Sitecore Experience Database (xDB) so every user interaction is stored. You can trigger relevant, personal email offers, content and promotions to new or existing customers based on their previous transactions or interactions.

While we find ‘Content is king and context is queen’ a bit cringeworthy. It’s true. If you can offer customers what they want when they want it you will increase conversion rates. And at the same time improve engagement.

The three Sitecore ecommerce options

1.       Sitecore Commerce powered by Microsoft Dynamics

Gartner has highlighted Sitecore’s relationship with Microsoft as a major strength in 2015’s WCM Magic Quadrant. Sitecore Commerce powered by Microsoft Dynamics has spun from this relationship. It’s aimed at large omnichannel retailers. It lets you drive a consistent experience whichever online, and even offline channels, you’re using to target your customers.

2.      Sitecore Commerce powered by Commerce Server

Sitecore Commerce powered by Commerce Server is the all new branded ecommerce offering. It’s ideal for brands selling online. You can use it for multiple product catalogues, inventory handling and integrate easily with your ERP system. It lets you set up rules for automated engagement. Such as plans to deal with cart abandonment and generating stock notifications.

3.      Sitecore Commerce Connect

Commerce connect is a framework, with an API. It lets you connect Sitecore with a number of third party ecommerce platforms. The integration will let you track, act and follow up on customer behaviour.

Sitecore commerce partner options include:

These can be a good choice for you if:

  • You’re already using one of them
  • You like some of the unique features they offer
  • You don’t need all the enterprise features of Dynamics or Commerce Server.


So you’re in the ecommerce business or it’s a strategic sideline to your main offer. Either way there’s a Sitecore ecommerce solution for you. Whichever one you choose you can be sure it can take advantage of Sitecore’s powerful features. Such as customer data collection, analytics and marketing automation. You’ll be able to deliver focused personalised, relevant content to customers when it really matters, in real time.

Kagool is one of the UK’s leading Sitecore partners. If you’re unsure which Sitecore ecommerce option is best for you get in touch with us. If you’re new to Sitecore we also offer a free Sitecore demo.