Sitecore email marketing

10th February 2016

Sitecore Email Experience Manager is the tool to use for Sitecore email marketing campaigns

Sitecore Email Experience Manager (EXM) is great for producing Sitecore email marketing campaigns. We’ve been using it to improve our clients email marketing campaigns for the past three years. We’re experts in using Sitecore EXM to meet the aims of customers.

We’ll show you how a powerful email campaign can boost your digital marketing strategy. Sitecore EXM campaign management pulls together the most powerful Sitecore features to supercharge your Sitecore email marketing campaigns.

What is Sitecore EXM?

You’re probably already engaging in some form of email marketing. You may use one of the many tools on the market such as MailChimp or ConstantContact. You may even have an agency developing your email campaigns and using these tools for you.

Sitecore email marketing with Sitecore EXM lets you do all of this within your Sitecore solution. It couldn’t be simpler. Import your marketing contacts into Sitecore and arrange them as recipient lists. Then choose your email template and set your content in a WYSIWYG* editor. Personalise your content and send your email. You can track opens and bounces. And you can track visits to your site off the back of the campaign.

(*What you see is what you get)

Why should I use Sitecore EXM?

Here are the main reasons you should use Sitecore EXM instead of an email platform like MailChimp:

  • Everything you already have on your Sitecore platform can be used in Sitecore EXM, including:
    • Content
    • Personas
    • Engagement plans
    • Goals
    • Campaigns
    • Rules
  • Build emails the same way you build pages, in the experience editor
  • Personalise messages based on values stored against your recipients
  • Personalise calls to action and content using the rules engine, just like you do for pages on your site
  • A/B and multi-variant testing are incredibly simple to implement
  • Run tests, decide winning conditions and automatically dispatch the winner
  • Track engagement in custom engagement plans
  • Enter recipients into existing campaigns
  • Get a detailed picture of where your recipients go on the site and how much value they get from your emails
  • Create language variants for email content to automatically send emails in your recipients preferred language

All of this from within your Sitecore application. And out of the box. And it’s available to you with your existing Sitecore licence. And that’s before you even consider what Kagool can do with EXM to boost you Sitecore email marketing strategy.

The Sitecore Customer Experience Platform (CXP) is at the heart of Sitecore’s personalisation capabilities. This tool delivers the right content to the right customer making marketing automation simpler for marketers.

Why do I need Kagool to make it work?

Sitecore EXM campaign management needs a little configuration to get it working within your specific setup. It has its own database and can even be set to run on its own server. You’ll want a partner that knows how to configure Sitecore EXM so it’s right for your needs.

We make Sitecore email campaign manager easy. We’ve made it work for everyone from tech savvy digital marketers to call centre staff that have never touched Sitecore.

You may want to use standard templates that come installed with Sitecore EXM. Or you may want us to build you a suite of custom templates, each as flexible as the pages on your website. You’ll probably want us to set rules about what can go where. Just as we do for your web pages.

For all this, you’ll need the Kagool touch. You’ll need a partner that has a reputation for making Sitecore EXM successful for clients.

Want to know more about Sitecore email marketing?

We’ve got a team of talented Sitecore developers, digital marketers and Sitecore SEO experts. We’re a top UK Sitecore partner with a Sitecore MVP in our midst. If you’re new to Sitecore, we offer a free Sitecore demo.

If you’ve not been able to use Sitecore EXM in the past, there could be an issue with your Sitecore implementation. Talk to us about a Sitecore audit to make Sitecore work better for your business. To chat to us about Sitecore email marketing a bit more, drop us a line.