Sitecore Experience Cloud – everything you need to know

17th November 2017

Sitecore recently announced the Sitecore Experience Cloud, which includes impressive new marketing features

The Sitecore Experience Cloud brings Sitecore’s entire service offering under one umbrella. This lets businesses undertake and scale digital transformation. The key elements are:

  • Sitecore Experience Management (xM) – The world’s leading content management system
  • Sitecore Experience Platform (xP) – Sitecore 9, which includes Sitecore’s advanced set of marketing tools
  • Sitecore Commerce – Available from January 2018, this’ll provide a complete omni-channel shopping experience

Sitecore Experience Cloud signals Sitecore’s move to a more flexible cloud based platform. Its deployment options and database technology choices mean users enjoy faster times-to-market for projects. Plus, they benefit from consumption based scaling and pricing.

Why brand marketers should be excited by Sitecore Experience Cloud

Data collection, advanced machine learning and integrated analytics will bring marketers greater insights and personalisation.

Sitecore Experience Cloud is a suite of interconnected modular tools. Think multilingual, multisite web enterprises and large-scale personalisation. Think onmichannel delivery across multiple devices. Think advanced analytics and testing. For brand marketers, Sitecore Experience Cloud is the next step towards creating a complete, involved and outstanding experience for your customers.

Content management with integrated optimisation tools

Sitecore Experience Cloud’s content management features add huge value to modern marketing.

Sitecore Experience Accelerator makes projects quicker and more efficient. Developers can work alongside content teams and designers simultaneously, without any need for project hold-ups and setbacks.

With Sitecore Experience Management, marketers can utilise in-session personalisation to increase conversion rate. With multi-site and device options, users can compare different versions of content side-by-side in the CMS, cutting down on time and increasing productivity.

With features such as mobile device simulation, versioning and content scheduling, Sitecore Experience Management is so much more than a standard CMS.

Going beyond Sitecore, the new Headless feature allows content created in Sitecore to be published elsewhere. This works well with third-party applications and devices, such as fitness watches and anything connected to the Internet of Things. This omni-channel approach to marketing means that content can be rolled out across any channel, device or touchpoint.

Brand new, powerful commerce capabilities for retailers

Sitecore’s new commerce features, which sit under the Sitecore Experience Commerce grouping, are very powerful, effective tools for brand marketers and retailers.

With Sitecore Experience Commerce, the next level of complete end-to-end shopping experience is possible.

Sitecore Experience Commerce brings personalisation, content and analytics together, creating a dynamic platform that outperforms competition.

Some of the features changing the way brand marketers sell their products online through Sitecore Commerce, include:

  • Integrated, real-time content testing
  • Industry pricing and promotions engine for a synergistic alliance of commerce and content features
  • Insights that drive personalised experiences for customers
  • Third-party connectivity with the internet of things

Data & insights that drive your brand forward

Leaving nothing to chance, Sitecore’s Experience Platform is backed by real insights and driven by data.

Through a combination of A/B testing, machine learning and integration with third-party technology partners, Sitecore Experience Platform delivers accurate evidence that forms the foundations of successful digital campaigns. Data-driven marketing decisions can be made in real-time.

The big feature in Sitecore Experience Platform this year is Cortex machine learning. Using ongoing intelligent learning, Cortex teaches Sitecore to deliver targeted experiences for a range of audiences.

How we can help you get the best from Sitecore Experience Cloud

Our expertise as a Sitecore Platinum Partner means that we can help you to get the most out of Sitecore Experience Cloud.

Contact us and we can offer a free Sitecore demo for new customers, or a Sitecore audit for existing users.