Sitecore Experience Commerce

15th December 2017

How retailers can make more money by personalising their shopping experience across all digital channels

Sitecore’s new commerce platform, Sitecore Experience Commerce, will disrupt the ecommerce world. By blending content and commerce, Sitecore Experience Commerce helps brands create a personalised, engaged shopping experience. This means retailers can provide an Amazon-like experience for their customers, something that can’t be done with Magento, Shopify or other traditional ecommerce platforms.

Also, because it’s fully integrated with the Sitecore Experience Platform (XP), you can use detailed customer insights to personalise a sales pitch to your audience in real time.

This includes all their previous interactions with your brand, such as web, email, social channels, store visits and purchases. You can design the ultimate, tailored shopping experience and boost sales as a result. Sitecore Experience Commerce is the next step for digital retailers looking to invest in the next generation of ecommerce software.

Why marketers should be excited by Sitecore Experience Commerce

Increase productivity and make more money by combining commerce and content

Going beyond typical content publishing, Sitecore Experience Commerce’s combination of content, testing and commerce removes the need to force incompatible third party applications to work together and puts the focus on productivity.

With Sitecore Experience Commerce seamlessly handling testing, data gathering and analytics, marketers are able to spend more time responding intelligently in real time. They have the ability to act upon Sitecore’s insights on customer visits. We believe this goes beyond the current Status Quo of systems such as Episerver’s product management capabilities.

This sort of data-driven cross-selling will conversion rate and make your business more money in an every-changing ecommerce environment. After all, according to On-board Informatics, 75% of companies see an increase in consumer engagement with data-driven marketing.

Craft an audience that converts

eMarketer says that 60% of marketers create at least one piece of content each day. According to Design For Founders, the average conversion rate for landing pages is 9.87%. With this in mind, lots of content misses the mark for customers and doesn’t convert.  

Using Sitecore Experience Commerce, marketers can build up a detailed, intricate profile of customers’ interests, actions and behaviours. Each time more insight is gained, these profiles can be refined to create an ever-evolving target audience to market to.  

This is the sort of level of customisation and control you just can’t achieve with platforms such as Woocommerce.

When you come to market to this audience using Sitecore, you’ll be able to produce content that converts better.

Utilise location-based targeting to increase transactions

Huffington Post’s Digital Morning host, Jay Shetty, found that 69% of Google searches include a specific location. With this in mind, it’s fair to say that customers today put trust in brands and businesses with a local presence.

Using state-of-the-art location detecting technology, Sitecore Experience Commerce can automatically find where your customers are browsing from. If you’re marketing for an e-commerce store that also has physical locations, you can serve up location-sensitive offers and adverts correlating with your visitors’ geographic position.

Take advantage of the rising percentage of location-based searches with Sitecore Experience Commerce to increase transactions and revenue.

Adjust content on the fly to create conversion opportunities in real time

Sitecore Experience Commerce lets you conduct tests in real time, optimising your content to increase conversion.

This highly-effective feature allows you to quickly adapt to situations as they happen.

You can tweak images, videos and product descriptions with the help of built-in analytics that guide you towards your goals.

The benefits are reduced cart abandonment, increased average order value and better cross-selling opportunities.

In a rapidly-changing digital environment where every brand and business is competing for SERP rankings, ad clicks and product sales, having this sort of real-time control will give you the edge over your competitors.

Reduce shopping cart abandonment and convert the 77%

In a survey conducted by Statistica in the second quarter of 2017, it found that 77% of online retail orders were abandoned instead of being purchased. This statistic can be improved using Sitecore’s shopping cart abandonment intelligence.

Having an application that helps you understand where shoppers are leaving the site and what products are being abandoned gives you the best paths for conversion and more revenue. You’ll be able to optimise product content that converts, rather than blindly publishing.

This kind of data-driven. total control over transactions and conversions is what will give your business the digital edge over competitors in the coming years.

How we can help you get the best from Sitecore Experience Commerce

Deliver the ultimate connected customer experience for more productivity, control and conversion

For the modern user, harnessing the combined power of digital is a must for success.

Sitecore Experience Commerce does away with disconnected third-party systems and clunky communication. It recognises the need for total control of commerce performance.

Sitecore Experience Commerce is at the forefront of this digital innovation, and we can show you how it will benefit your business. If you want to compare the benefits of Sitecore Experience Commerce against the other solutions on the market please get in touch with one of our experts today, we can give you a Sitecore demo and audit.

By using Sitecore Experience Commerce, you’re taking the next step towards making more money from ecommerce.