Sitecore Help – Reduce your bounce rate with A/B Testing

30th May 2015

How did Sitecore help reduce bounce rates by 65% with A/B testing?

Like many business to business sites one of the chief reasons visitors come to is to find contact details and basic information. This is all available on the landing page so one of the challenges we’ve faced is a higher bounce rate than we would like.

Another factor is our brand name – Kagool. With offices in Cardiff and Manchester, two cities well known for high precipitation levels, we were probably asking for trouble by rebranding to something similar to Cagoule, a product that’s great at keeping you dry in inclement weather. We suspected a proportion of our visitors were customers searching for various rain jackets. Once again this did not help our bounce rate.

We investigated the issues and came up with some ideas to reduce the bounce rate.

Step 1: Google Tools

After checking Google Search Console to see the search terms our traffic were using to find us we set up brand negative keywords in Google Adwords. That prevented our ads appearing for terms like “Kagool Tescos” “Yellow Kagool” and even “cuffys of cape cod marthas vineyard kagool”.

This immediately improved the bounce rate as fewer visitors landed on our site with the intention of purchasing rainwear.

Step 2: UX testing

Much of the traffic to lands on our homepage. 85% of the Traffic to our site is from Desktop users. Improving the home page experience for desktop visitors would significantly impact the overall site-wide bounce rate.

We looked at some easy changes we could make. We ran a simple online usability test on the homepage.

The UX test highlighted a few things.

  • Our main banner colour, yellow, was too bright and distracting
  • The banner was too large
  • The main Call To Action wasn’t strong enough or prominent enough
  • There was no Google Analytics event to track home page scrolling

By addressing these issues we were able to produce an alternative homepage layout for testing.

Step 3: Sitecore A/B Testing

Armed with this alternative we ran an A/B test on the homepage using built in tools that come as an integral part of Sitecore. Both A/B and M/V testing are very simple to set up straight from the page editor. You can test each component and there are no limits on the number of tests that you can run concurrently.

Sitecore ran the test for a week until we could crown a statistically significant winner.

We applied this format change to all other banners and panels on the site.

Step 4: The results

The changes have had a dramatic effect.

  • Bounce Rate down 65%
  • Average session duration up by 80%
  • Number of pages viewed per session up by 15%

If you want to find out more about A/B testing , or you’re looking for Sitecore help please check-out our Sitecore Case Studies, contact us or give us a call on 02920 666655.

If you’re new to Sitecore and would like to get a Sitecore demo or find out more about the platform we’d be delighted to talk.