Sitecore Marketing Tools

Sitecore Marketing Tools
3rd May 2019

Use Sitecore marketing tools to create winning context marketing campaigns

For a while now, Sitecore have been referring to ‘context marketing’ as the marketer’s holy grail. But what it is? Effectively, it is marketing in context of your customer’s past and current history of interaction with your brand in order to deliver the best possible personalised experience.

In Sitecore’s own words, ‘delivering a truly tailored, personalised experience to customers, at scale and across and channel, was once an impossible dream’. Now, Sitecore marketing tools allow you to understand exactly where customers are on their digital decision journey and offer them useful, relevant content just when they’re most receptive to it.

With Sitecore, you have the ability to understand how customers have interacted with your brand, where they are on their buying journeys and what they are experiencing from your digital channels in the moment. Marketing becomes incredibly effective when you take into account the context of customer experiences.


What Sitecore marketing tools are required to achieve context marketing?

Sitecore have developed a wealth of marketing tools within their experience platform that can help marketers to achieve that all important context marketing goal. Fundamentally, these tools fall into three features – contextual intelligence, content management, and omnichannel automation. Contextual intelligence gives you the information you need about your consumers so that the content you manage is more relevant and is automatically delivered wherever your customers are across any channel.

One of the most important tools within the Sitecore Experience Platform for gathering contextual intelligence is Sitecore’s Engagement Value Scale. This enables you to determine the impact of specific digital goals on your strategic objectives by assigning Engagement Value Points to each digital goal. The more ‘important’ the digital goal, the higher the number of points are that are assigned to it.

For example, requesting a callback might be 100 points, but registering for a newsletter might only be 10, based on what you deem as an organisation to be more important. As users complete actions, they accumulate Engagement Value Points. The key thing for the marketer here, is that as a user travels through channels or responds to campaigns or download assets, the Sitecore system tracks which marketing efforts attract the highest aggregated Engagement Value from all visitors. What makes this marketing tool even more clever, is that Engagement Value now becomes a new KPI, one that is unavailable through traditional web analytics. It is a true measure of visitor behaviour and is a proxy for return on marketing investment.

One thing that Engagement Points insights can lead to is the ability to personalise the experience for users. One of the most useful of the Sitecore marketing tools is the personalisation engine that comes with the Sitecore Experience Platform. In terms of Engagement Points, you have the ability to provide personalised content to users who have achieved a certain number of points, normally signifying that they are engaged with the brand. But it’s not just hitting a target number of engagement points that allows the experience to be personalised. With the Sitecore personalisation tool, users can be segmented by a number of factors, including:

  • Geographic location of visitor
  • The marketing campaign visitors respond to
  • Where they are on the customer journey
  • Whether they are a new or repeat visitor
  • What product or service they view the most
  • Demographics

Sitecore have an example of how you can use marketing data to help personalise the experience. Below is what you could possibly do for a tourism company.

Once you have arrived at a finalisation of a personalisation plan then it is time to prove your success. One of the most useful Sitecore marketing tools available is the in-built A/B testing software which gives you the ability to test personalised content vs non-personalised content to prove the impact of your initiative and show that context marketing is working. The results will show how your digital goals impact strategic objectives and are important proof points of your quick wins when presenting to your executive team.

How can Sitecore marketing tools help you?

In this article we have covered three different tools that Sitecore provide in their Experience Platform which can benefit you and your company, especially when it comes to achieving context marketing. But it doesn’t just stop at those three, with the likes of Experience Analytics and Path Analyser both providing useful insights.

Here at Kagool, we are experts at Sitecore and have worked on countless projects for our Sitecore customers, many of which have won awards along the way. Get in touch to have a chat to us about how we can help you make the most of Sitecore marketing tools.