Sitecore Microsite Builder: Welsh Water Case Study

30th March 2015

How Welsh Water can develop microsites quickly without Agency help

Have you wanted to build powerful Sitecore microsites in house?  Welsh Water did.

They wanted to reduce their reliance on agency support and up skill their own team. We support that.

Sitecore is a powerful Experience platform so we built a microsite tool that delivered a fantastic secure microsite, but also gave them the ability to make more themselves.

They even won an Award for it at the Sitecore Experience Awards

Here what Rhian Morris of Dwr Cymru Welsh Water had to say on her project and why she liked our honesty, our transparency and why ‘we did what we said on the tin’.


My name is Rhian Morris.  I work for Dwr Cymru Welsh Water.  I’m the digital services manager.

In our selection process, Kagool stood out from the rest of the organisations.  In every example that they gave us, they were able to demonstrate capability.  They were able to demonstrate benefit.  We liked the approach that they had with other clients, the honesty, transparency and also the fact that they did what they said on the tin, without outsourcing any of the skills and they were keen to work with us to upscale our workforce.

The microsite project, we faced a number of challenges and the first being that they was hosted by another company and it wasn’t on a Sitecore platform so we worked with Kagool to ensure that firstly we could put the microsite onto the Sitecore platform, giving us control and a consistent approach towards future microsites.  Also developing a tool box which would allow us to build the microsite in house.  This then gave us an opportunity to upscale the digital services team and also we didn’t have to rely on a third party whenever a microsite needed building.  The tool kit that we had was easy and straightforward to use and we could build a microsite quickly.

Some of the challenges we faced during the microsite project was that it needed to be secure.  It was for an audience of our members, so the information in there was extremely important, it could be confidential and could also be embargoed.  At a glance they knew where they were going and it was interactive so they could respond to any information that was actually on the site.

We were able to demonstrate project success.  I had an upscaled workforce.  We had a great tool kit that we can re-use.  We were able to product a microsite within a short period of time.  We don’t have to rely on a third party or another organisation, so there’s a big cost saving, and that we’re able to embed the microsite into the business and there’s local ownership and pride for that product and in the future, that we can build other products for the rest of the business when they require them.

We have lots of plans for the microsite tool.  We’re speaking with other departments within the organisation who are keen to have the microsites for specific subjects and are quite excited that this can be built internally and that they will have the ownership once it’s finished.

The three words that I would use to describe Kagool, the first would be passionate and that runs through everybody.  So regardless to who you deal with at Kagool, the passion flows through everybody.  My second word for Kagool has to be guru, because they’re great teachers, they’re masters and as a student, I’ve learned and I’m still learning.  And my third word has to be sparkle because it’s animated, it’s energetic.  Our sessions are fun, where we get real fantastic moments of brilliance.