Sitecore MVP 2016

Sitecore MVP 2016
19th February 2016

Kagool developers earn three Sitecore MVP awards

We’re thrilled that three of our developers have been recognised by Sitecore as Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs). Every year Sitecore acknowledges developers from the global Sitecore community for their contributions. With only 177 Sitecore Technology MVPs worldwide, 18 in the UK, they’re a pretty elite group.

Ian Graham, Jonathan Robbins and Martin Davies have all gained Sitecore MVP status for their expertise of the platform. Our trio of talented developers are all very active in the Sitecore community. They love working on complex Sitecore projects and enjoy sharing their knowledge with other developers, partners and customers.

“We are grateful for the leadership, expertise, and ongoing contributions that Ian, Jonathan and Martin have made to the Sitecore community,” said Pieter Brinkman, Director of Developer and Platform Evangelism, Sitecore. “Ian, Jonathan and Martin have demonstrated a mastery of our technology that exemplifies the spirit of Sitecore.”

We’re one of only two digital agencies in the UK to have this many Sitecore MVPs under one roof. Ian and Jonathan are Sitecore MVP ‘first timers’ while Martin was also named a Sitecore MVP last year.

Our CEO, Chris Short was incredibly pleased about the trio’s achievement. He said,

“We’re all absolutely delighted for Martin, Ian and Jonathan. Three MVPs – I think that’s something to shout about! So here goes! We’ve got a great and capable team here at Kagool. Everyone here spends a lot of time under the hood of Sitecore. These ‘champions’ have also put a lot of time into evangelising Sitecore. Spreading the word. And also reinventing the ‘know-how’ and techniques we use every day. So that customers can get the most from this great digital experience platform. We’ve got that special MVP knowledge in spades. And can be sure we always make the right architectural choices. To have three Sitecore MVPs in our team is fabulous. And it highlights our total commitment to Sitecore excellence and our customers. I feel like bursting into song….’nobody does it better’….. I’ll shut up now.”

For technical insight on Sitecore follow our Sitecore MVP’s on Twitter.

Ian Graham – @ianjohngraham

Jonathan Robbins – @ISlayTitans

Martin Davies – @TwentyGotoTen