Sitecore MVP Awards 2020

Sitecore MVP Awards 2020
5th February 2020

Kagool dominates Sitecore MVP Technology list, gaining global recognition from Sitecore.

Sitecore has announced their 2020 Most Valued Professionals list, which recognises individuals whose Sitecore knowledge and expertise helps drive digital transformation. Sitecore’s digital industry experts choose who qualifies for Sitecore MVP status annually. They take their pick from the 10,000 plus individuals within the Sitecore community.

The 2020 Sitecore MVP awards have recognised more than 154 Technology MVP’s globally, with 26 across the UK. This year, we have three Technology MVPs at Kagool, accounting for 21% of that category. This is more than any other agency in the UK, reinforcing our position as the leading Sitecore Partner.

What is a Sitecore MVP?

A Sitecore MVP is an individual in the Sitecore community who shows exceptional expertise in Sitecore, actively participating in both online and offline knowledge-sharing with others. Sitecore recognises that MVPs not only work in Sitecore, but they proactively drive changes to the platform, staying at the forefront of innovation.

With this in mind, having four MVPs at Kagool allows us to deliver cutting-edge Sitecore support and the best use of the latest features of the platform for our clients.

Who are our Sitecore MVP’s?

Sitecore MVP awards are split into four different categories:

  • Technology
  • Commerce
  • Strategy
  • Ambassador

This year nobody in the UK was awarded in the Commerce category. We’re proud to announce that we’ve got MVPs across two of the awarded categories for 2020. Firstly, three of our Sitecore specialists retained their awards in the Technology category. This is a testament to our technical capability, well done to: Jeremy Davis, Martin Davies and Ian Graham. Jeremy, Martin and Ian have been awarded MVP status for a combined 17 years between them. Martin and Jeremy first gaining recognition in 2015 and Ian in 2016.

Jeremy Davis, Sitecore MVP commented, “It’s going to be an interesting year for Sitecore and their developer community, with their SaaS offering on the horizon. I’m excited to be involved as an MVP for my sixth year.”

Finally, Dan Berry, Kagool’s Managing Director, won an award in the Ambassador category. Dan’s MVP award was for driving Sitecore forward as a result of positively progressing partners, customers and the industry. Dan’s award brings Kagool’s combined Sitecore MVP annual mileage to 20 years.

Dan Berry, Managing Director says “I’m delighted that Kagool continues to have one of the very strongest MVP representations in the UK. Our commitment to Sitecore means this recognition is extra special to us. We look forward to using our expertise to maximise the immense power that Sitecore offers our customers.”

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How can Sitecore help you?

Sitecore is leading digital experience platform used by organisations globally to create seamless personalised experiences. Sitecore is constantly evolving, with each update comes new and innovative features.

We’re a long standing top tier Sitecore Partner, with decades of experience in helping enterprise level organisations leverage Sitecore to achieve their digital strategy. Our team have a range of specialist Sitecore accreditation training that can help your project achieve it’s requirements. Not currently using Sitecore? Book a Sitecore demo or get in touch with our team of Sitecore specialists.