How much does Sitecore cost? | Sitecore pricing

How much does Sitecore cost? | Sitecore pricing
19th February 2020

Ever wondered, ‘how much does Sitecore cost?’ We share what you need to know about Sitecore pricing

The Kagool guide to Sitecore pricing

Sitecore offers some impressive features and flexibility, but, how much does Sitecore cost?

When Sitecore has been deployed correctly, marketers often see an impressive ROI for every £1 invested in the platform. A recent study showed that Customer Experience is a competitive advantage and beats price eight to one and product, two to one.

As the Sitecore (DXP) is customisable, Sitecore pricing is reflective of the bespoke build for each organisation. No two builds are ever the same and so an organisation’s requirements can dictate the cost.

As a Sitecore Platinum Partner and the UK’s leading Sitecore specialist, we can help you with Sitecore pricing questions, just get in touch for more information today.

Sitecore pricing factors that answer the question “how much does Sitecore cost?”

Here’s what it boils down to. There are seven factors that determine both your Sitecore build cost and how much you’ll pay on an ongoing basis:

  • Website traffic– How many site visitors do you get? Is this cyclical? Are there periods of intensive demand? How is the traffic expected to grow?
  • Number of domains– How many websites will you power with Sitecore?
  • Global reach– How many territories do you operate in? Do you need a multinational website?
  • Integration (with CRM, Ecommerce, social platform etc.) – How many other software platforms do you need to integrate? Which software versions are there? What is the back-up plan for potential downtime with offline systems? Will this be live real-time Sitecore Integration?
  • Additional Modules– Which Sitecore modules are you going to use?
  • Bespoke functionality– What bespoke development do you require to meet your aims?
  • Performance, availability and security – what level do you need. If yours is a business-critical website, having the right support structures in place is critical.

All these factors affect Sitecore pricing

Once these factors have been calculated within a long-term development road map for your organisation, we will produce a Sitecore pricing model to fit your needs. This includes Sitecore licence suggestions and the required web site design and development work.

How much does a Sitecore licence cost?

Over recent years Sitecore have developed and simplified their Sitecore licensing model considerably. Amongst other factors, the relevant licence needed for your business will be determined by:

  • The website traffic that you expect to receive.
  • The number of environments you need. A production live environment is a given, but test and development environment(s) may also be needed.
  • The Sitecore modules you require. The power and flexibility of Sitecore means that there are options for powerful tools relating to content lifecycle production and management. Also, commerce, marketing automation and various other features are also available.
  • The number of simultaneous users that you need logged in (content editors, developers and designers)

If the above seems a bit confusing, don’t worry! Sitecore will provide a lot of guidance as to your possible options. As a long time Sitecore Platinum Partner we have helped many customers over the years to identify what is required, supporting them in their discussions with Sitecore. This ensures you get exactly the right features for your organisation.

Sitecore website development pricing

Following a discovery process, a project will usually consist of an initial build with further phased development stages to then deliver additional functionality.

The partner chosen to implement this initial phase of development is crucial to the success of the project.

The ease of update and expansion are determined by the foundations laid at this stage. Additional time and money spent in this period of development can result in important savings later on in the development roadmap.

Sitecore pricing for hosting and support

Maintaining good service to customers is crucial following the launch of any Sitecore project. A Sitecore hosting and Sitecore support package can be tailored to your exact requirements. The costs will usually be based on the number of servers you have and your traffic volume. Hosting and support will be an annual, ongoing cost.

Find out how much Sitecore costs

To learn more about Sitecore pricing options or to get a straight answer to the question “How much does Sitecore cost?” please contact us today. We are Kagool and we specialise in the design, build and optimisation of Sitecore websites. We have four globally recognised Sitecore MVPs and more technology MVPs than any other UK agency, so whatever your question, we’ve got the expertise and experience to give you the best advice. . If you’re new to Sitecore and would like to get a Sitecore demo or find out more about the platform, we’d be delighted to help.