Sitecore review – what makes Sitecore the best CMS for 2019?

Sitecore review – what makes Sitecore the best CMS for 2019?
18th May 2018

In our Sitecore review, we look at its dynamic features, and see what makes it the best CMS for 2019

In this Sitecore review, we’re going to cover some of the main benefits of Sitecore’s features, and what sets it apart from other content management systems.

If you’re looking for a new CMS, Sitecore is worth considering. Not only because of its forward-thinking utilisation of machine learning, its unified approach to project development and the solid foundation it lays out for digital marketing activity, but because it also has the ability to become whatever your customers want it to be, within reason. This is thanks to its personalisation capabilities.

To see what sets the platform apart from other content management systems, continue reading our Sitecore review below.

Personalisation creates unique, targeted experiences

Personalisation allows you to utilise marketing automation to streamline your strategy and target campaigns based on a user’s previous experiences or decisions.

With the Sitecore CMS, personalisation is built-in. It’s intrinsically part of the system. You can use Sitecore’s personalisation tools to encourage sales, increase conversion rates and create an overall more focused marketing strategy.

Get websites to market faster with Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA)

With a lot of focus on how well a CMS runs, operates and the extra features it can offer, a lot of people tend to bypass how quickly and easily a website can be built and deployed on a platform.

This is where Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) comes in. With a unified approach to project launching, Sitecore SXA allows teams of developers, designers and content creators to work simultaneously on a project, aiming to launch together and put an end to ongoing deadline changes.

When you have all teams able to start a project at the same time, you don’t leave any one team reliant on another. It just works the way it should.

Use machine learning to predict users’ behaviour…

Cortex, Sitecore’s dedicated machine learning tool, allows you to gain new insights based on previous user behaviour and recognised patterns.

Through machine learning, Sitecore Cortex will provide you with all the tools for delivering better targeted campaigns, experiences and outcomes for your digital customers.

…then test, track and tweak for on-the-fly return on digital investment

Once you have the information you require from Sitecore Cortex, you can then start to test the content for your audience. Use Sitecore’s built-in analytics tools to track the results, or link it to third-party analytics such as Google Analytics and use both together to create a detailed, dynamic, cross-referencing insight tool.

Finally, if you’ve got any changes you need to make to content based on your analysis, you can easily tweak it in Sitecore’s content editor. All of this process can be carried out within the CMS, giving you the synergistic power of content and commerce tools.

A perfect foundation for your digital marketing campaigns

No website is complete without a well-executed digital marketing strategy, and there’s no better platform than Sitecore for launching your campaigns from.

With easy-to-use content editors, organised media libraries and a range of integrated, modular publishing options available, Sitecore is a set up for power-publishing. With the above personalisation and machine learning features mentioned previously, the platform also makes conversion rate optimisation campaigns easy to execute, measure and monitor.

Whether you’re looking to launch an SEO, PPC or general digital marketing campaign through Sitecore, it’s always best to join up with an official Sitecore partner, such as ourselves.

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