Sitecore software | How to improve customer journeys

Sitecore software | How to improve customer journeys
28th September 2018

Find out how using Sitecore software can transform customer experience using some key features

Sitecore is more than just a content management system, it’s an experience platform that provides everything marketers need to get the best out of digital marketing. Sitecore software enables organisations to engage users effectively. In addition, it’s sophisticated features can inform marketing teams allowing marketers can make informed decisions to achieve their strategic goals.

At Kagool, we carry out in-depth research prior to any application being built in Sitecore. We utilise existing knowledge (business knowledge and analytics knowledge) of the user base and how it meets the business goals set out coupled with extensive market research. The result is an effective digital platform built on the Sitecore software.

Launching new applications with Sitecore software

The launch of a new Sitecore application for a business is the starting point. Initial workshops and research provide a good set of fundamentals to get organisations off on the right foot, but the power of the platform is in the marketing and analytics tools:

The combination of these tools will allow the website to constantly evolve, improve and be personalised to the personas and user segmentation organisations are targeting.

Path analyser

This is an application within Sitecore software that allows marketers to create maps. The maps report each step of a user’s journey across the website, showing what content is being engaged with. The path analyser highlights campaign activity to marketers, where interactions are happening, and which goals are being triggered.

Two examples of a map that can be created are:

  1. New visitors to your website (first time visit)
  2. Returning visitors

Running these two variations demonstrates the difference between which paths have a higher engagement value for new customer’s vs returning customers. This gives a clear indication of which content is applicable to different types of visitors.

What does xConnect mean for improving customer journeys?

xConnect is the service layer between Sitecore and xDB, it’s a set of APIs that all transactions go through instead of routing directly from Sitecore in to xDB (as was the case in Sitecore 8). It means that data can now be collected from any third-party application e.g. CRM or point of sale and routed to the xDB through an xConnect API’s. Its omni-channel data collection abilities are essential to improve customer journeys. By collating data in xDB marketers can identify business opportunities and valuable insights.

Using Sitecore software for marketing automation

Automation is a great marketing tool for any organisation looking to improve their Sitecore customer journey, showcase their content through a personalised experience and deliver quality leads. Marketing automation is built into the Sitecore software, so marketers can easily manage their automation in one place. Automation can be used to create personalised experiences on site and through the email function, Sitecore EXM.

Sitecore analytics is a powering force behind automation and improving the Sitecore customer journey. Marketers have access to the feature free when acquiring a Sitecore license. The analytics tool helps with customer segmentation, goal tracking and other marketing tactics like content testing.

Talk to us about Sitecore software

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