Sitecore technology – Five reasons why Sitecore is the ultimate CMS for enterprise

Sitecore technology – Five reasons why Sitecore is the ultimate CMS for enterprise
27th July 2020

There are many CMS platforms available for enterprise-level businesses, but why do ambitious brands choose Sitecore?

1. Sitecore technology is a market leader

Sitecore has many strings to its bow, it is an industry leading digital experience platform. Made up of four distinct products, when combined they create a seamless, end-to-end content, commerce and personalisation platform.

Sitecore technology is favoured by enterprise level business due to its ability to create highly personalised, intuitive digital experiences that resonate with customers and drive businesses forward. Valued across industry, Sitecore was named leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant 2020, an annual independent report into digital experience platform providers. An accolade Sitecore has been awarded for the past three years.

2. Achieve flexible headless content with Sitecore XP

Creating content for different channels or touchpoints is time-consuming and can often lead to frustrations and mistakes being made.  As technology evolves, content must become adaptable and multi-purpose. Digitally savvy marketers are optimising their content to serve voice search SEO on ‘faceless’ voice search technology like Alexa, Siri or Google Home. Sitecore is a gift for marketers that are striving for flexibility with their content at scale.

Using a headless CMS architecture like Sitecore XP means that your content is created once and then delivered to any device or interaction point with efficiency using the latest APIs. Saving marketers time and money in the process. Sitecore uses an ‘object’ based architecture which means each element of the ‘page’ is a separate entity and can be ‘picked up’ and repurposed for the needs of any particular channel. This could be a mobile device, AR headset or in-store digital signage. Content is created once and universal for all. This gives marketers the power to manage an experience, anywhere the internet is connected and means users always get a consistent experience where ever they may be.

3. Manage every aspect of your marketing content lifecycle with one solution

Sitecore Content Hub gives your marketing team the ability to take charge of your entire content lifecycle from one integrated platform. Content Hub can be integrated seamlessly with Sitecore CMS and commerce solutions.  This means that marketers can organise, plan and schedule content production from one central solution. This is an invaluable tool for enterprise-level organisations who often have huge amounts of content, spread across different teams and territories.

A dedicated centralised digital asset management – Sitecore DAM – allows you to quickly search, categorise, preview, share and assign rights to your assets. Allowing you and your team the ability to work with all your digital assets in one centralised place. This helps to avoids errors, duplications and makes the whole lifecycle more efficient and less time-consuming. Compliance issues can be avoided as automated rules can be assigned to individual assets, limiting their usage based on time and location for example.

Another great feature integrated into Content Hub is the Marketing Resource Management tool (MRM), This tool allows marketing teams to plan. budget, manage, develop, distribute content and collaborate at scale from one solution. Full marketing campaigns can be developed and tracked, including work that spans brands, markets and languages. These tasks can all be monitored with confidence as marketing managers can assign their team members tailored profiles based on each individual’s role requirements.

4. Engage your customers with a fully personalised eCommerce experience

Delivering an engaging customer experience is a top priority for brands looking to gain competitive advantage and retain customers. Personalisation is proven to build brand loyalty, boost sales and improve market share. In a recent survey with Forbes, 40% of those surveyed said their customer personalisation efforts have maximised sales, basket size and profits in direct-to consumer channels.

It’s important that ambitious enterprises fully understand what their CMS and eCommerce platform offers them and their customers with regards personalisation. Sitecore Experience Commerce (XC) is the only solution that extends Sitecore XP and has been fully optimised for commerce. Brands can run their entire digital commerce operations from one centralised solution, whilst XC can personalise digital storefronts for each customer, connecting individuals with relevant content personal to them. Using real-time data and historical intelligence, Sitecore XC can build a unique online experience for all.

This personalisation power doesn’t just stop at storefronts, using Sitecore’s powerful automated marketing systems, customers can be segmented and campaigns directed to them based on their search history. They are then presented with relevant product launches, promotions and offers which is proven to boost customer satisfaction and maximise sales.

5. Increase success with built in A/B and multivariate testing capabilities

Testing is vitally important to make sure that customers are being presented with the best creative execution of ideas. This is can be headlines, copy, ads or promotional materials. In Sitecore, testing is built in to allow marketing teams to run live tests on one variable – A/B testing- or multiple variables – multivariate testing.

Set up simply through the page editor, A/B testing can quickly demonstrate the impact of changing one aspect of a creative solution. Sitecore automatically presents the original idea to one audience, and the alternative solution to another audience, the results are then presented, helping marketing teams to explore the success of creative ideas quickly and efficiently.

Multivariate testing is more complex but allows marketing teams to test multiple ‘on-page’ variants at once. It requires a larger amount of traffic to guarantee accurate results but eliminates the need to run several, sequential A/B tests. Saving time and allowing for the winning ideas to be implemented quickly, leading to lower bounce rates and increased customer conversions.

How can your organisation optimise Sitecore technology?

With so many excellent features, Sitecore technology has everything an enterprise-level organisation needs to give its customers a world-class digital experience. To get the most out of your investment is smart to consider partnering with a top tier Sitecore Partner like Kagool. We’re a digital agency that specialises in the design, build and optimisation of Sitecore websites for enterprise-level businesses. We have been delivering great digital experiences for our clients since 1999 and have some of the best talent in the industry, ready to find intelligent solutions to complex problems. So, we’re confident your project would be in the safest hands.

If you’re new to Sitecore and would like to see the software in action, why not book a demo with one of our experts? Or if you feel your organisation is not getting the most from its current Sitecore configuration, contact us, we are happy to advise you on how we can help your organisation achieve its business goals faster with an optimised Sitecore installation.