Sitecore vs Adobe

Sitecore vs Adobe
10th December 2018

Sitecore vs Adobe Experience Manager. Find out which is the best fit for your organisation

When it comes to leading content management systems, both Sitecore and Adobe Experience Manager are key players. In fact, it is these two platforms that have been consistently positioned as leaders in Gartner’s recent annual Magic Quadrants for Web Content Management (WCM).

So which is the best CMS? Sitecore or Adobe? Which platform will work best for your company?

Round one: content management and publishing

In the first round of Sitecore vs Adobe, it’s all about the content.

Adobe Experience Manager operates with an integrated look and feel across all parts of the CMS. This uniformity, along with the platform’s user-friendly interface which caters for multiple content editors and development teams, allows a company to work together easily.

Sitecore, well known for its out-of-the-box and forward-thinking publishing features, allows the modern-day user to use advanced, data-driven publishing strategies in a simple, easy-to-use way. Moving beyond basic inline content editing and WYSIWYG (both of which Sitecore has, of course), the Sitecore platform allows publishers to see an accurate page preview in its Experience Editor, giving you a like-for-like interpretation of how your design and content work is coming along.

Even more advanced are Sitecore’s A/B testing features. Here, power users can create and manage marketing rules that determine which content is served to which audience. Which brings us onto our next point.

Sitecore vs Adobe round two: personalisation

Adobe Experience Manager is capable of creating a personalised experience, with content features such as assigning categories to allow users to select dynamic rules when browsing.

Sitecore’s personalisation capabilities however, are in essence what sets it apart from the crowd. Unparalleled, Sitecore’s personalisation leads the way in its field. Built with the growing enterprise business in mind, Sitecore’s deeply-ingrained personalisation features reach as far as its automated marketing tools. When a system or platform has something as innately-intertwined into its DNA as Sitecore does personalisation, the results are staggering. Customers only see content based on their interests and past behaviours – without having to pre-select any options beforehand.

Round three: scalability

As leading content management systems, both Sitecore and Adobe Experience Manager offer good scalability.

Adobe’s otherwise sound scalability vision is somewhat hindered by its complicated development and customisation, as well as its flawed upgrade capabilities, which without proper backup, may result in loss of key data. The other issue is that backup has also experienced issues on this platform.

Sitecore’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) features allow users to integrate with the cloud to modify how much capacity they would like to use. This kind of flexible, on-the-fly control over your digital resources gives Sitecore the edge on lesser content management systems, and cost is benefited here as you only ever pay for what you use. Long gone are the days of having to install a physical server in your offices, welcome to the future of upgradable, scalable hosting!

Sitecore Cortex also uses machine learning to get a head start on future proofing your business, preparing for scaling up in the coming years. Machine learning will be a common part of business going forward, Sitecore gives you that head start now.

Round four: support

Adobe as a vendor, does not provide official support for the developer community. This may be a key differentiator for your business.

With Sitecore, you’ll be getting enterprise-level support. 24/7 cover and service level agreements are just some of the aspects that make our support service at Kagool the best on the market.

Having the greatest number of Sitecore MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals) out of all the UK agencies helps too.For more information on what support we offer, read our article on Sitecore support. Alternatively, ask us about a Sitecore demo, or simply get in touch with us for a general chat about your requirements – we’d love to speak with you!