Sitecore vs Episerver

Sitecore vs Episerver
17th September 2018

Should you choose Sitecore or Episerver? Find out the key features of both options and discover the best enterprise-level digital platform for your organisation.

Episerver – how does it stack up against Sitecore?

Both Sitecore and Episerver are go-to, top-tier content management systems. With each platform catering well for Microsoft technologies, as well as being well-equipped out-of-the-box for a range of modern applications, this comparison will really dive deep into the detail to help you choose the options that’s right for your organisation.

On the one hand, Sitecore focuses on not just excellent user experience and publishing, but on creating personalised experiences and giving businesses longevity and a future vision.

On the other hand, Episerver is a solid contender and is a very practical, user-focused platform – but does it stand up to Sitecore? Let’s find out as we put these two originally-Scandinavian platforms head-to-head in our latest ‘vs’ series.

Round one: publishing

With Sitecore’s easy inline authoring features, it’s simple for users to update, edit and publish their content within a particular page. Sitecore also allows users to take advantage of its excellent workflow features.

The workflows available in Sitecore create a hierarchical environment in which a safe, secure approval-based system means that large teams of contributors and editors can work together to ensure nothing slips through the net and that quality content is published collaboratively and efficiently.

Episerver’s content authoring features allow versioned content with drafts and previews, and its product-focused content management functions allow it to be easy to use out-of-the-box.

The real differences in the two platforms however, come when looking at Sitecore’s A/B testing functionalities. Testing different pieces of content against each other is very easy with Sitecore, and ties in with the forward-thinking, data-driven approach that Sitecore has, giving it the edge in this round.

Round two: scalability

Sitecore has always been vision-focused for growth, helping businesses to push further and increase their return on digital investment. This is why Sitecore’s Platform-as-a-service approach to scalability stands it in good stead as a flexible, fluid CMS.

Episerver also embraces the cloud when it comes to scalability. In fact, both content management systems allow for the ability to auto-scale when you need the extra capacity.

However Sitecore’s enterprise positioning and Azure compatibility, backed up by its robust infrastructure and extensive feature-list, means that its ‘pay-for-what-you-use’ PaaS option gives users fantastic value for money, whilst being able to use and scale out a top-tier, enterprise-level CMS.

Round three: feature list

Episerver easily links up to MS Dynamics, Sharepoint and a whole host of third-party options – as does Sitecore.  Both platforms’ feature list are equally as impressive, with both boasting solid digital marketing and content management capabilities.

While Episerver caters to behavioural merchandising and multi-site management, Sitecore’s enterprise-tier features really allow digital marketers to take their brand to the next level.

From A/B testing and Goal tracking, through to analytics and real-time personalisation, it’s clear to see that Sitecore’s data-driven outlook is focused on results. This approach is often suited to enterprise-level businesses who crave growth, and are aligned with the ‘spend money to make money’ mind-set.

Round four: future proof innovation

Although both platforms are highly-capable content management systems, Sitecore’s ethos is to always be facing forwards. Its growth-driven, experience-led outlook is an invaluable asset that you just cannot put a price on.

From Sitecore’s dedicated, passionate community of Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) (of which we have more of than any other UK agency), through to the cutting-edge technology that cuts through the industry at each annual Sitecore Symposium event. There’s a real collaborative, organic feel behind Sitecore, and it is ever-evolving and growing. This is something to bear in mind for organisations that wish to grow in the future and be supported by a capable platform with an eager community behind it.

The winner of Sitecore vs Episerver is…

It can be extremely difficult when comparing two top-tier platforms such as Sitecore and Episerver. Both platforms share a considerable amount of features, and so the main differences lie in their purpose and outlook.

While Episerver might be great for practically handling great user experiences in the here and now, Sitecore does this as well as constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation through solid, data-driven functions.

In short, you need to ask yourself whether you want to create a solid CMS solution now, and if so, is that where your goal ends? Or do you want to constantly push forward through results-driven A/B testing, machine learning and personalisation?

For the goal-orientated, Sitecore is the platform that will be built for your business and grow with it, constantly pushing the boundaries.

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