Sitecore vs Kentico

Sitecore vs Kentico
26th October 2018

Sitecore or Kentico? Find out which is the best fit for your organisation

Innovative organisations that are looking for a powerful integrated platform often come down to a simple choice: Sitecore vs Kentico. But which content management system (CMS) packs the best punch for your organisation

Choosing a new platform is a big decision. There’s a lot to consider. Which has the best features? How secure is it? What support is available? How scalable is the platform?  The list goes on and on. We’ve compared the key aspects to help give a balanced view of Sitecore vs Kentico.

Round one: content with clout

The Sitecore vs Kentico battle for best content management system might seem a little unfair at first glance (to those who know both platforms well). For those who aren’t familiar with either Sitecore or Kentico, it’s a little bit like pitting a Porsche against a Ford Focus. Whilst Kentico does a good enough job, the journey might just not be as enjoyable. Its performance and functionality are representative of its pricing.

If you’re part of a business that prioritises customer engagement on a more sophisticated contextual level, then Sitecore is probably best suited to you. Both Sitecore and Kentico’s content editors are easy to use and provide the standard scheduling and editing tools you’d expect to find in a modern CMS.

However, content authors using Sitecore benefit from being able to publish their content across multiple sites with one single authorisation. Sitecore and Kentico both offer multi-lingual and cultural capabilities for businesses that publish content across global territories – or plan to engage with a wider audience. In short, if you’ve got content to publish across multiple sites then Sitecore will make it easy, save you time and save you money.

Round two: Security and scalability

This is where Sitecore’s power comes to the forefront in the Sitecore vs Kentico duel. Sitecore’s architecture suits multi-territories as well as fluctuating audience volumes. It does this through the Sitecore Experience Database (xDB) changing the environment to:

  • Vertical scaling
  • Horizontal scaling
  • Perform as a standalone environment

Kentico also performs well for scalability through partnering with cloud technologies – however when passing a threshold into enterprise level websites it seems to struggle to gain popularity.

Of the top million enterprise websites, Sitecore sits comfortably in the top ten used CMS’, leaving Kentico further down the BuiltWith list. If you’re an ambitious organisation planning for growing audiences and have a multi-territory digital strategy to implement then Sitecore is our recommendation.

Round three: Customer journey

Sitecore are keen to promote their customer centric approach. This is backed up with the software’s list of features that support marketers to create enhanced customer experiences though journey analysis. Sitecore software boasts a collection of tools to manage customer journeys such as:

Kentico has an equally comprehensive online marketing tool portfolio for testing and real-time reporting. The platform also benefits from personalisation usage analytics through its in-built module.

For content and user experience, Sitecore and Kentico are pretty balanced in their offering, again it comes down to the size of the organisation.

Round four: pricing

Kentico requires businesses to pay an annual licensing fee dependent on the level of requirements, this will increase based on features and the number of users needed. The pricing is transparent, and businesses need to match their budget and ambition to the licensing options specified by Kentico. It is therefore great for businesses that are restricted by budget and have limited growth planned.

Each Sitecore build is entirely bespoke. It is engineered to meet each organisation’s unique requirements. Sitecore pricing is therefore reflective of this, and all implementations are priced individually to suit needs, budget and growth plans.

Investment in Sitecore is a long-term decision based on a digital transformation strategy, rather than a simple need for a new website. Sitecore tends to be enterprises or organisations steering through digital transformation that need a robust solution to help them reach their business goals in the long term.

Sitecore vs Kentico: Which platform should you choose?

Both Sitecore and Kentico are winners in their own right. The choice depends on the organisations goals and long term digital transformation strategy. If your organisation is looking for a future-proof experience platform, that has the infrastructure to grow with your business – book yourself a Sitecore demo.

If you’re a smaller business with less ambitious expansion goals, Kentico could be a good alternative.