Sitecore Web Experience Manager

Sitecore Web Experience Manager
18th November 2019

Sitecore Web Experience Manager or Sitecore Experience Manager (XM) are the names given to Sitecore’s sophisticated Content Management System (CMS). Positioned in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant consistently as a leading platform worldwide, Sitecore is the software of choice for many leading enterprises.

A quick introduction to Sitecore Web Experience Manager

Sitecore Experience Manager at a basic level is a content management system. A CMS allows users to create, manage, and modify content on their website without any specialised technical knowledge. However, Sitecore is a little more than just a tool for building websites. It allows marketers to reach an audience around the world with the use of multiple different websites and different languages all in one platform. Content and modules can be shared across multiple websites with content being delivered in the right language regardless of the users’ channel or device.

Storing data with Sitecore Web Experience Manager

Sitecore is a powerful piece of marketing software and when you start to consider just how much data you’ll need to host, it could become a little overwhelming. Fortunately, Sitecore has a variety of deployment options that can be on-premise or in the cloud, this includes Sitecore Azure Hosting. Microsoft Azure PaaS comes with some great benefits:

  1. high scalability
  2. agility
  3. worldwide availability, 24/7 to meet your business’ needs.

Working with a digital agency that is both a Sitecore Platinum Partner and Microsoft Gold Partner can help you optimise Azure hosting for Sitecore Web Experience Manager.

How to find stored information in Sitecore

The great thing about investing in an experience platform like Sitecore, is that it comes with enterprise-class features. This includes great search capabilities that give website visitors and content authors an easily scalable and flexible way of finding content. The search engine can either be driven by the scalable and flexible Sitecore Solr or Microsoft Azure. These solutions cover:

Personalisation with Sitecore Web Experience Manager

Sitecore personalisation can profile visitors on your website and display content relevant to their journey and your business goals, in real time. The profiling can be based on their activity or email marketing campaigns or even through their physical location using Geo IP detection. Sitecore also allows you to personalise the content a visitor is seeing based on what device they are using. Giving users what they want, quicker and easier, can lead to great results.

72% of consumers state that they will only engage with personalised marketing messages. Personalisation is all about creating a unique customer experience and a human connection that makes each user on your website feel special and part of a relationship with your brand. In addition to increasing engagement, personalisation has the power to drive quality leads. Which makes sense when you think about it. If marketers are can create personalised content and a unique user experience throughout their sales and marketing funnel, then targeting the right audiences with the right content becomes less about persuading, and more about encouraging users. Personalisation allows marketers to really get to know their audience and therefore, the power to nurture quality leads and then retain these customers becomes a lot easier.


Speed-to-market times are greatly reduced because of Sitecore’s ability to reuse common components across pages. Marketers can simply drag-and-drop templates in the Sitecore Experience Editor. This ultimately cuts down development time for new sites and pages from months down to weeks!

Sitecore Experience Accelerator (Sitecore SXA) was introduced in version 8.2 to help organisations get their websites to market faster. SXA is often favoured by businesses that want a quick and smooth build and deployment.  It also a strong preference for marketing teams that can benefit from the reusable template components and layouts that driver great user experience.

Sitecore Connectors

With Sitecore Web Experience Manager being an extensible platform, you will have the ability to integrate with a plethora of digital marketing tools, like:

  • ecommerce
  • social media
  • advanced search
  • language translation.

Sitecore Connectors are customisable, pre-packaged integration products that deliver functionality out-of-the-box so you can benefit right away from the integration. One example of a powerful Sitecore integration is the partnership between Sitecore and Salesforce CRM.

Sitecore as a headless CMS

Content has been decoupled from the presentation layer in Sitecore Experience Manager. What this means for marketers is that the content can be experienced via multiple different channels. These could include web, mobile, digital signage, point of sale, augmented reality, virtual reality or mixed reality.

Traditional marketing approaches requires marketing teams to reach audiences across all these channels through a long, manual process. Sitecore’s headless nature helps marketers reach their audience across all channels efficiently and without needing to clock up any additional admin hours. Content editors need only to create their content once and then it can be deployed seamlessly to all channels to create a powerful omnichannel user experience.

Find out more about how headless CMS differs to a traditional CMS.

How can your organisation benefit from Sitecore Experience Manager?

Sitecore has an impressive list of marketing tools that organisations industry-wide use to create engaging and powerful user experiences. If your organisation values, building sophisticated marketing campaigns, that are supported with industry leading testing and analysis tools and designed to engage, convert and retain customers then we should talk. Contact us to find out how partnering with a Sitecore Platinum Partner like Kagool can help your businesses really leverage the platform to achieve great results.

We are one of the only agencies that exclusively works with Sitecore, so when it comes to helping you get the most from your investment, you’re in the best hands. We have over 20 years’ experience designing, building and optimising award-winning websites and our team is made up of globally recognised Sitecore developers, marketers and designers. Let’s talk!