Sitecore website: 9 ways to achieve marketing goals with a Sitecore website

2nd October 2015

How marketers can use their Sitecore website to get ahead of the competition in the marketing game

Whether you already have a Sitecore website or you’re looking to migrate to the Sitecore platform, it’s worth considering if you’re getting the best out of your site.

Sitecore features are tailored to help marketers get the best results from their digital marketing campaigns. Here are our favourites:

1.      Produce more quality content, quicker

Content marketing grabs the attention of your customers, both new and existing. Use a Sitecore website for switched onup-to-date content marketing. Sitecore is a fast, user friendly platform with no coding needed.

Every marketer who’s used Microsoft Word can quickly find their way around a Sitecore website. Creating and managing content is easy. The more quality content you produce, the more engagement you’ll get.  This will build your digital authority, assist SEO activity and help you lead the marketplace.

2.      Define what success will look like

Setting clear goals for your website is key to success. Whether you’re looking to generate leads, drive conversion or encourage engagement, Sitecore gives you the tools you need.

Sitecore enables easy application of calls to action, essential to marketers for meeting their targets. Effective calls to action lead your audience through your ‘sales funnel’. By setting goals you can clearly identify return on investment.

3.      Personalise every customer experience

Personalisation is crucial to creating a valuable customer experience. With the Sitecore Experience Platform (aka DMS), it’s easy to customise your site for individual users. You can display content based on their location or manipulate calls to action based on their position in the funnel and their previous interactions with the site.

Personalisation gives customers content which is relevant and interesting. This generates more engagement and an improved conversion rate.

4.      Failure is the best learning experience

One of the most useful tools a marketer can have in their belt is the ability to test the performance of their website. With a Sitecore website, seamless A/B and multivariate testing is built in.

If analytics shows calls to action are underperforming, you have the option to test alternatives immediately in real time. The quicker you can identify marketing issues within your site, the better your results will be.

5.      Plan ahead for optimised content

A common mistake that marketers make with creating content is treating SEO as a separate task. The best content marketing incorporates SEO from the start.

With Sitecore you can easily manage meta descriptions, URLs, alt text and create internal links. The search engine can access quality content and help you gain higher rankings for the keywords that matter.

6.      Be consistent across every channel

Sitecore offers the marketer effortless cross-channel marketing. Research from comScore revealed that 67% of consumers start shopping in store or on one device but complete the purchase elsewhere.

Cross-channel marketing is key to driving conversion. With Sitecore cross-channel automation your content and responses are synchronised to deliver a personal and consistent customer experience.

From the admin console of a Sitecore website you can easily publish content in social media, email marketing, mobile apps and external microsites.

7.      Analyse your Analytics

Sitecore websites have the benefit of Sitecore Analytics built in, delivering analytics in real time. Allowing marketers to engage in path analysis, testing and goal tracking, all from within the Sitecore platform.

Sitecore Analytics also allows you to track user journeys to see the pages they’ve visited, shared and emails they’ve responded to. So, it’s easy to track the progress of your marketing campaign.

8.      Track the quality of your Sitecore implementation

If you can’t personalise content, view analytical data, or easily use the editor experience, there could be a problem with your Sitecore implementation. Bad implementation of your CMS can bring marketing campaigns to a halt, wasting time and money.

If you’re armed with insight into how your Sitecore CMS should be performing, you can act fast to improve it. If you feel there’s a problem with your Sitecore implementation, get in touch with us for an audit.

9.      Get training and support

The best thing a marketer can do with their Sitecore site, is understand what it’s capable of. Sitecore offer hands-on training to give marketers the ability to use analytics, automation and personalisation effectively.

Using the Sitecore systems to understand campaign and site performance is vital to achieving your marketing goals.

Where to find out more about a Sitecore website

At Kagool, we make sure all our clients get the best out of their Sitecore website with support and training. We’re happy to provide help and advice to our clients about their marketing campaigns. We aim to give marketers the tools to take control of their digital marketing strategies.

Kagool is one of the UK’s leading Sitecore partners. We’ve got plenty to say about the benefits of a Sitecore website so get in touch for more information. If you’re new to Sitecore we offer a free Sitecore demo.