Sitefinity vs Sitecore

Sitefinity vs Sitecore
15th February 2019

Uncover the core differences between Sitefinity and Sitecore in terms of publishing, scalability, security and pricing.

When it comes to choosing the right CMS for your organisation, it’s crucial that you make the right decision. The right content management system means different things for different companies, and so while one business’ needs could be rooted in efficient content publishing, another’s focus could be on future-proofing their digital assets or improving website security.

Whatever your business’ priority is, you’ll want to make sure that you have it covered digitally, and your CMS should be at the very centre of this.

This calls for another entry into our comparison series, and this time, we look at Sitefinity vs Sitecore, as they go head-to-head.

Sitefinity vs Sitecore round one: content and publishing

In today’s world of instant publishing, a brand’s voice must be heard. Battling daily amongst thousands (if not more) of content providers in any given industry, organisations today need quick-loading websites, visually-pleasing, easy-to -use blogs and content that ranks well in the leading search engines worldwide. Armed with all of the above, your company will get a head start on competition.

Whilst Sitefinity boasts inline editing, drag and drop layouts and even parameter-controlled content personalisation, Sitecore has, through rigorous long-term development, positioned itself as (amongst other things) the number one marketer-focused personalised publishing platform.

The above status is mainly down to Sitecore’s ability to use its personalisation features to identify your target audiences and nurture quality leads. It does this by presenting the customer with accessible yet advanced features, such as: Sitecore Experience Database, A/B and multi-variate testing, as well as its extremely easy-to-use publishing tools.

Round two: scalability and future-proofing

What could be a great solution today, might not fit the needs of your business tomorrow. Organisations grow, technology advances and markets evolve. With this in mind, it’s important to make decisions that will work with your business’ future goals in mind, or at least be flexible.

Sitefinity comes out-of-the-box with a range of scalability and performance features, such as load-balancing and client-side data binding, whereas Sitecore allows users to take advantage of its cloud features, such as accessing more storage on the fly using Microsoft Azure.

By using Sitecore as a PaaS (Platform as a Service) this way, you’ll not only pay for that you use, but you’ll also get the added benefit of being able to scale up and down as and when your business needs the resource. As good example is an ecommerce business who experiences the same busy period of increased customer sales each year, at exactly the same time. That business, using Sitecore, can extend resource when it needs it, and not have to pay the price of it throughout quieter seasons.

Find out more about Sitecore cloud hosting here.

Sitefinity vs Sitecore round three: security

Offering a security audit and validation from a third party, as well as a web security module as standard, Sitefinity have definitely thought about the safety and security of their content management system across the board.

Focussed around security from the foundations up, Sitecore protects users from the failings of an unsecure platform. But beyond that, the security of your website depends on an advanced, involved and ongoing support plan. This is where Sitecore comes into its own. With a tiered partner programme, and with top level partner agencies such as ourselves, with the highest amount of Sitecore MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals) than any other UK agency, you can receive unrivalled 24/7 Sitecore support that goes far beyond typical email services.

Find out about our Sitecore support services.

Round four: pricing

Whilst Sitefinity offers a free trial, the platform’s full pricing structure is only available on request, which is the case with many similar content management systems.

Sitecore however, isn’t as straight forward as Sitefinity when it comes to pricing, and this is largely down to the bespoke nature of each individual project and build. With each Sitecore website customised to meet the individual needs of a particular business or organisation, Sitecore pricing is made of multiple different elements and dynamic variables. Thinking beyond simple a web presence, Sitecore suits enterprise businesses who are planning real strategic digital growth with a trusted partner.

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