Sitecore DMS Geo IP lookups: a smarter approach

2nd February 2014

Reserving Geo IP lookups for high value visitors

Deferred Geo IP Lookup improves Sitecore’s geolocation functionality by providing greater flexibility over when it’s used.

Sitecore DMS has some great built-in features for obtaining Geo IP related information about visitors (Country, City, Organization etc). This adds extra depth to visitor segmentation and boosts your ability to personalize user experience. By default, these features leverage a paid subscription service from leading geolocation provider MaxMind. You buy a fixed number of lookups from MaxMind, and Sitecore will happily retrieve the Geo IP information of every new site visitor until the those lookups have run out.

This all works well, and we recommend the service to anyone who wants to make the most of Sitecore DMS. But some of our customers demand a more refined approach. They can easily distinguish between high and low value visitors with shrewd use of Sitecore Engagement Analytics. This then begs the question – Why should we use up Geo IP lookups on visitors of low value?

Our module addresses precisely that issue. We’ve taken the simple rules engine interface  familiar to most Sitecore users and applied it to the Geo IP lookup feature. Instead of blindly asking MaxMind for data for every unknown visitor that arrives on the site, Sitecore can now be even smarter. Why not wait until a visitor’s browsing behaviour demonstrates that they’re ‘brand aware’? How about waiting until they’ve downloaded a brochure?

By waiting until you know you’re interested in a visitor before performing a Geo IP lookup, you can achieve real savings and make your Maxmind subscription go a lot further. If you’d like to know more, get in touch or download the module from the Sitecore Marketplace.