26th April 2016

Kagool sends three Sitecore MVPs off to SUGCON 2016 in Copenhagen

This year’s Sitecore User Group Conference (SUGCON 2016) takes place in Copenhagen on Monday 25 April. Our three Sitecore MVPs will be attending the community driven conference. They’ll return with their official MVP awards from Sitecore, recognising them as the ‘Most Valuable Professionals’ in the community.

The conference, run by the Sitecore community, includes a day and a half of Sitecore focused talks and sessions. They’ll also be plenty of networking, giving developers around the world a chance to expand their Sitecore knowledge.

Among the Sitecore product developers and community experts, 16 Sitecore MVPs are scheduled to speak at the conference. Lars Floe Nielsen, Co-Founder and Senior Vice President Technical Marketing at Sitecore, will give the keynote speech.

Sessions will cover a range of topics, including Sitecore securityecommerceoptimisationpersonalisation capabilities and user experience.

SUGCON Europe 2016 will combine both the Dutch and Nordic Sitecore user groups, making for a truly exciting event. The conference is an amazing opportunity for developers to get the latest Sitecore tips and best practices.

One of our MVPs, Martin Davies, has given us a sneak peek at the event so far:

SUGCON 2016 highlights, day one:                                                                          

“Yesterday was the first day of the 2016 SUGCON in Copenhagen. It’s an event organised by the Sitecore developer community, and Kagool’s 3 MVP’s were lucky enough to attend.

The day started with Lars Floe Nielsen, Sitecore’s CTO giving an overview of what’s coming up in the next few Sitecore versions. Amongst other things, he promised super-fast publishing and a simpler upgrade process. He also teased a new native forms utility that will offer greater flexibility and effectively kill off Web Forms For Marketers.

Next up was Kam Figy. His ‘Unicorn’ tool has become a popular way for developers to manage and source control Sitecore items. He demonstrated all of its main features and how it can make life so much easier for developers.

The breakout sessions were excellent.  I went see Tim Braga introducing ‘atomic design’ – a way to make Sitecore even more flexible. Then Kamruz Jaman on using CDNs with Sitecore. And finally Mike Edwards’ talk about large scale Sitecore implementations.

The day ended with the Sitecore MVPs award ceremony. It’s good to know that the Sitecore community recognises our achievements. It was also great to meet up and chat with MVPs who we otherwise only know through Twitter and Slack.

What a fantastic first day. And day two looks just as good.”

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Good luck to all the speakers and devs, from us. And we look forward to hearing all about it. We can only hope our three MVPs come back even more brilliant than before!

If you want to keep an eye on them at SUGCON 2016, follow our MVPs on Twitter:

Ian Graham – @ianjohngraham

Jon Robbins – @ISlayTitans

Martin Davies – @TwentyGotoTen