The Rise of a Mobile-Centric Audience

25th July 2014

What does this mean for the marketer?

However, the spectacular rise in their number is. You risk losing a big chunk of your audience unless you are geared up to serve them mobile content.

Like most companies we have recently been spending significant time on content marketing. Both production and distribution.

Social media is a key channel for getting content out to our audience. And it’s no secret a mobile-centric consumer will increasingly be using mobile to access social media. So we decided to dig a little deeper.

This is what we found…….

71% of users access social media via a mobile device.

We looked at three major social media platforms. Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Twitter is perhaps the most mobile-centric of all the mainstream social media platforms. This is not particularly surprising considering Twitter’s origins. Its 140 character limit is famously based around the concept of SMS. According to Twitter 76.3% of users currently access Twitter via a mobile device. This is up from 60% in 2013.

We ran a couple of sponsored Tweet campaigns. The analytics that leapt off the page…. Our Tweets were viewed on 93% mobile devices compared to only 7% laptops & desktops.

Facebook and LinkedIn showed similar trends.

When Facebook released their latest quarterly figures, mobile took centre stage. Facebook makes 62% of its revenue from mobile advertising. Perhaps even more significantly 399 million users (30% of Facebooks user base) are exclusively logging in from mobile devices. This is yearly increase of 31%.

LinkedIn launched its first mobile app five years ago for a small subset of users. Later in 2014 it will hit a major mobile milestone. 50% of its global traffic will come from mobile devices. It is already above this figure in many territories including the United Kingdom.

What does this mean to the marketer?

As a marketer the rise of a mobile-centric audience brings certain challenges but also great opportunities. Your audience is increasingly mobile-centric, you need to be too. When developing a digital strategy think mobile.

  • Make sure any content you produce has mobile in mind. Or even design just for mobile.
  • When using social media make sure any links, that you include, go to a page that’s mobile responsive. Include a clear call to action. Are you looking to raise brand awareness or directly engage your audience? If not you risk losing your audience before you’ve even had a chance to wow them with your content. The result will be empty clicks and the end of your users’ journey.
  • Be careful with images. Images can take up a lot of space on a mobile screen. That’s fine if the image is the focus of the content. It’s not if the image ends up dominating the text that it’s there to support. When posting to social media make sure images are correctly sized. For example Twitter automatically crops image previews to a 440 x 220 pixel space. Take time to understand what works for mobile.
  • And if you don’t have a website that’s mobile responsive, either get one or look at retrofitting. Many organisations are adopting a mobile first approach to new site builds.

Mobile offers an amazing chance for closer engagement with your audience, especially via social media. Don’t blow it. Gear up for mobile today….

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