Two Kagool teams at the 2015 Global Sitecore Hackathon

21st January 2015

24 hour Sitecore Global Hackathon

Being Kagool, we’ve assembled some of the best talent in the Sitecore industry. Having such a pool of exceptional developers means we don’t do things by halves. This year we’re proud to say that there’s not just one but two teams taking part in the 2015 global Sitecore Hackathon.

So what is a Sitecore Hackathon?

It’s a 24 hour competition against over 30 teams of Sitecore developers from around the world. The challenge is to build and submit the best Sitecore module based on a set subject only unveiled one hour before the start. It gives the two teams the chance to demonstrate their skills on a global basis and create solutions for the benefit of the Sitecore community.

They’re raring to get their hands on the subject and get coding rather than awkwardly standing around for a ‘Faceoff’ picture that the Marketing dept have insisted on.

As one of the competitors, Jonathan Robbins, puts it ‘…The chance to compete with the best and brightest in Sitecore’s global community is awesome. Going head-to-head in trying to deliver something of value to the community in a 24 hour window is going to be great fun albeit the final few hours we’ll be battling sleep more than code’.

The two Teams from Kagool are:

Mike Robbins and Jonathan Robbins using the team name of: Assert.IsNotNullOrEmpty(teamName, “Team name can’t be null”)

Mike (@Sobek1985) – A developer who likes to experiment with new technologies, blogging and releasing code in the process

Jonathan (@ISlayTitans) – A developer who’s delivered a number of award winning Sitecore solutions and has a keen interest in delivering something that benefits the community


Martin Davies and Jacob Francis using the team name of: $name

Martin (@TwentyGotoTen) – A well known Sitecore blogger and developer with a particular interest in Sitecore’s endless capabilities to be extended.

Jacob – A developer who wants to get the best out of Sitecore and learn more in the process

We wish them luck and the event can be followed on Twitter using the official Hashtag: #SCHackathon

We’ll report back after Global Sitecore Hackathon as to how our talented teams got on.