Website personalisation | How to harness its power for meaningful results

Website personalisation | How to harness its power for meaningful results
14th August 2018

Find out how using Sitecore’s website personalisation can be minimal effort for maximum results

Website personalisation that considers your customers

Key to creating engaging and meaningful user experiences is a platform that has the capability to get to know your customers and deliver relevant content. Sitecore has an incredibly powerful profile and persona-based engine that allows you to represent your customer groups as personas, to assign persona focus to content and then to track and segment customer that view this content.

In an example of a car dealership website that needs to show personalised special offers to customers, website personalisation needs to look at top ranking landing pages, associated content and partner that information with a persona. If our example two personas are “Sporty Car Susan” and “Family Car Frank” they can be associated to pages that showcase ‘sporty’ or ‘family’ vehicles.

When a user visits the car dealership website through a Ferrari or Porsche product page, Sitecore then has an indication that this user is interested in sporty cars. Website personalisation can be used to display special offers for the ‘Sporty Car Susan’ persona. The same rule would apply for the family cars.

What happens if the user visits both? Well this is where Sitecore flexes its immense capabilities. It has an incredibly powerful personalisation engine that:

  • accumulates scores over time
  • applies a decay factor to older visits
  • makes decisions based on user behaviour

That means that you don’t have to worry about the complexities. Sitecore does it all for you. A trusted Sitecore Platinum Partner agency could use their expertise to integrate this into Machine Learning (Cortex). This would deliver incredibly powerful and accurate recommendations. All you have to do is think about your customers and have a well-built Sitecore platform to realise all this potential.

There are many ways that we can help you achieve similar results. Campaign keys or using IP addresses for location-based personalisation can be implemented for organisations with a poorly built Sitecore platforms. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss how we can help your business see the benefits of website personalisation.

Vary your content and test its effectiveness

Considering how to tailor your content to your users is an essential part of website personalisation success. As highlighted in the blog “Personalisation | The key to unlocking potential” a component-based website, where components, pages and data are all separate are integral to content personalisation.

In a simple location-based example, marketers could present relevant header images that represents their brand to users based on their region. Users from London for instance could be shown Big Ben. This is done in Sitecore by showing a different ‘component’. For users that fall out of the company’s trading region, a different component would need to be shown. Ideally one that would prompt the user to share their postcode.

A straight forward implementation for Sitecore using the Experience editor.

This feature is versatile for the author, giving options to hide components, replace component or simply assign appropriate content with minimal effort using out of the box rules.

Best practice for website personalisation is to set some test rules. Some you might want to consider are:

  • how many users will see each version of your personalisation?
  • how long you want the test to run for?
  • what denotes a winner? (Sitecore even allows you to predict a winner)

Tests can be run and if you really wanted to you can compare your predictions against your colleagues. It’s good fun. At the end of the test it will either automatically select the winner or prompt you to make a decision.

Where do we go from here?

Website personalisation is a big subject, with a lot to be gained by those that implement it properly. There is huge potential that is being realised by using Machine Learning, IOT devices and integrations with other systems that can turn one-to-many personalisation into one-to-one personalisation.

If you’d like to learn more about how Kagool can help you with website personalisation, get it touch.