What is customer experience? 

10th September 2015

And why it matters to marketers

Just what is customer experience? It’s the entire interaction between your company and the customer. Consisting of key touchpoints in the customer-business relationship, the customer experience is measured by the quality of those interactions as a whole.

According to Ensighten, commitment to great customer experience has four benefits for digital marketers:

  • It can lead to higher engagement
  • It can improve conversion rates,
  • It can build more customer loyalty
  • It can improve brand perception

Consumers have a vast amount of choice for any given service these days. It’s no longer enough to have the best product, you need to be giving the best customer experience. To manage their customer experience, marketers must be aware of the key touchpoints between the business and the customer.

What are key stages of your customer relationship?

  • Attraction to and awareness of the brand
  • Discovery of the brand and cultivation of relationship
  • Purchase of a product
  • Use of product/services
  • Advocacy of the brand/product

A great customer experience relies on consistency and quality through these key points in your relationship with the customer.

What can marketers do to improve customer experience?

These days the customer is in control, so it’s the marketer’s job to treat each customer to a tailored experience. One which will keep them coming back. To provide the best customer experience, marketers must:

  • Create awareness of your brand with frequent and relevant content marketing
  • Engage with your customers through email marketing, social media and personalisation
  • Promote case studies and reviews to advocate your brand/product
  • Enable quick and easy purchases with clear calls to action that are relevant to the customer’s needs
  • Follow-up on customer satisfaction to create lifelong clients who can become brand advocates

How Sitecore can help you achieve the best customer experience

Sitecore can provide you with the tools for delivery. It’s a rich, extendable platform with plenty of features that put power back in the hands of marketers. There are some prominent Sitecore features which aid marketers in achieving great customer experiences:

  • Sitecore’s an easy interface with no coding needed. You’ll have more time for creating quality content such as news articles, blog posts and reviews.
  • Sitecore Experience Platform allows you to personalise all your site’s content. From location-relevant blogs to targeted calls to action.
  • Sitecore allows for easy integration. Integrate with the Sitecore Email Experience manager (or your existing CRM) to forge lasting customer relationships.
  • Sitecore cross-channel automation synchronises your content and responses. Delivering a personal and consistent customer experience across mobile, email and social media channels.
  • Sitecore Experience Database keeps track of every customer. View customer data and all previous interactions in an individual profile.
  • Sitecore Analytics tracks user journeys. Automatically track interactions across channels and use analytic data to constantly improve.

How can Kagool help you get the best from Sitecore?

Here at Kagool, we understand how vital it is for businesses to provide a great customer experience. Our Sitecore expertise will help you to get the best from Sitecore and its many features. We support our clients through implementation of the CMS, integration with other systems and any further training you may need.

To see how Sitecore can benefit you, contact us and arrange a Sitecore demo. We are one of the UK’s leading Sitecore partners. Get in touch with our award-winning team for assistance with Sitecore pricing or any other questions you have.